Yuri Video Game Reviews

Used to be a page dedicated to all yuri news but now it is about reviews of video games with soft yuri or more. Some of these are NSFW so be careful.

Explanation of game ratings from lowest to highest:

  • “Meh”: These games are nothing more than curiosity fodder. I don’t consider these games worth buying but I know there are some whose curiosity will not allow them to avoid skipping them so I say go ahead if you so wish.
  • “Passable”: These games barely make it to the rank of “worth trying”. Just know not to expect much from games that get this rating.
  • “Okay”: Solid games that while they have noticeable hiccups are still enjoyable overall.
  • “Good”: Very enjoyable. Worth the price.
  • “Great”: Must own.








24 Responses to Yuri Video Game Reviews

  1. Gisei says:

    I give up “Ouji-san”, I have searched far and wide for Anime Series under the Yuri/Shoujo-Ai genre and I’ve found nothing that you haven’t Reviewed and or mentioned. You are truly the king of Yuri may your reign forever last!


  2. AndresC says:

    do you know something about a translation of the flowers visual novel?


  3. mei says:

    you should check game “the last of us: left behind”


  4. You’ll be reviewing the Neptunia games, right?


  5. the_w says:

    Didn’t see it here, but loren amazon princess has some good stuff in it. Apparently there are more like it on the same website. Not a vn, more of a rpg.



    • OG-Man says:

      Ah yes. Winterwolves games. I am aware of their games like Spirited Hearts, Heileen 3, Loren, Roommates, Seasons of the Wolf etc. that have yuri options. Just never got around to playing them. This is not a yuri games list but a list of games with yuri elements I reviewed so far. I’ll get to Winter Wolves games at some point.


  6. Sig says:

    Have you heard of or played Aoi Shiro? it’s a total yuri vn, really great visuals.


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  8. Rose Bride says:

    We need more yuri games… And more translation.. God i think i might have to learn Japanese in the end 😛 It’s annoying this genre needs more love. Thank you for the wonderful reviews though :3


    • OG-Man says:

      Actually we’re getting plenty of games with yuri content this year. Granted most of them are visual/kinetic novels but we’re getting lots so that’s a good thing. Thanks for the support!


  9. StepOnShadows says:

    Heres a new game to add to the list – | Negligee |


    • OG-Man says:

      I am aware of it and plan on giving it a review in the future.


      • StepOnShadows says:

        Hey is there any other games that arnt on the list that you havnt reviewed yet that you could tell me, iv’e played all of them and need a new fix hah


      • OG-Man says:

        Kiss for the Petals: The New Generation
        Ne No Kami Part 1
        Catch Canvas
        Sakura Space
        Sakura Maid 1, 2 and 3
        The Stargazers
        Sweet Volley High

        That should be a good start. Hopefully I’ll review all those in due time.


  10. Zackery Danh says:

    You reply really fast! I posted two comments and you replied. You deserve a trophy. But before that, do you know any good yuri VNs centered around Christmas. Manga too.

    Gotta get into that holiday spirit!


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