Yuri Manga List

Octave is still the best yuri manga I’ve read in my life so far.

One shots, series, shorts, NSFW, all you need to know about yuri manga these two people have read. I’ve read most of these myself but since MousE0910 and Peppah did a great job posting their choices of great yuri manga to read, I figured, why not share their picks with the rest of the world (Or those who visit my castle at least).

Keep in mind, I’ll still be posting more Yuri Manga Corner reviews but this list will more than help those who want to feast on varying stories about girls falling in love with one another. After Shoujoai.com was shot down both Peppah and MousE0910’s whereabouts became unknown so this list will be their legacy along with the person who eventually takes over.

Happy reading!

NSFW=Not safe for work.

20-Year-Old Girl x 30-Year-Old Maiden (Series – Completed)
A lighthearted series about exactly what it says on the tin. Lots of funny as well as fluffy yuri moments.

All You (Series – Completed)
An angsty bitter-sweet series about dealing with a heart-break and possibly falling in love again. Still ongoing.

Aqua Blue Cinema (Series -Completed)
A sweet, slightly angsty story about a celebrity actress and a simple country girl.

Baba-Yaga (Series – Abandoned)
Creepy yandere stalker lesbian girl. What else to say?

Breakdown (One-Shot)
A famous manga by a spanish artist AnaKris on Deviantart. Very, very angsty but also very deep, considering the psychology of the characters. It’s the third story about the couple.

Chatting at the Amber Teahouse (Series -Completed)
A slow-paced, sweet story about the owner of a teahouse and a girl who starts working there. Also, a classic. If you haven’t read it yet, stop scrolling and go read it now. Only then can you continue.

Concerto (Series of One-Shots -Completed)
Various stories about different pairings. Some might be slightly NSFW. Don’t even think about searching for subtext in this one. Everything is very bold and direct.

Even If We’re Not Friends (Series -Completed and Licensed)
The first series about Nana and Hitomi. Gets quite angsty at times but is also very sweet. Their story is continued in the series Kisses, Sighs, and Cherry-Blossom Pink (Not to be confused with an anthology of the same name).

First Love Sisters (Series -Completed)
Unless you live under a rock, you have heard about this series. Notable for being one of the first yuri series to be licenced in English (sadly, it was dropped after the first volume). The story is your average yuri. Little bit of hidden angst, some uncertainty and lots of sweetness in the end.

Fragments of Love (Series – Ongoing)
Note: I consider the Love&Piece chapters in the same volume to be a separate series. The story follows a melancholic, slightly frustrated lesbian girl that helps other people with their love problems in various encounters.

Girl Friends (Series – Completed and Licensed)
A yuri bible by the yuri goddess Morinaga Milk. It can get a bit slow-paced at times but if you haven’t read this, you’re not a true yuri fan. ’nuff said.

Gokujou Drops (Series -Completed) [Very NSFW]
Komari transfers into a high-class school but finds out there are no available dorms for her. However, there is one last dorm where the creme la creme of the school lives. One of these girls, Hime, decides to allow Komari live with them, under one condition. Komari becomes Hime’s personal servant, ready to satisfy her every need!

Hanjuku Joshi (Series -Completed) [NSFW]
A mostly sweet story about two high school girls, with a little bit of angst thrown in.

Happy Picture Diary (Series – Ongoing)
A semi-serious, semi-comedic 4-koma series about the daily life of an adult lesbian couple.

Hoshikawa Ginza District 4 (Series -Completed)
Story about a girl who is neglected by her parents and is taken into foster care by her teacher. Over the years, the two grow closer and closer together. One of my personal all-time favorites.

I Fell in Love For the First Time (Series -Completed) [NSFW]
A high school girl falls in love with a young adult woman she sees on a train every day. One day, she decides to follow the woman and take a radical life-changing action.

Kimi Koi Limit (Series -Completed) [NSFW]
Sono confesses to her best friend Sato but is coldly rejected. When Sato leaves for university in Tokyo, Sono tries to move on with her life and finds a new lover. However, she cannot stop thinking about Sato all the time and friction starts to appear in her new relationship. More on the heavy-angst side but does have some sweet moments.

Kimochi no Katachi (Series -Completed)
The first chapter is actually a short 4-koma that is set AFTER the final chapter. Starting from Chapter 2, we get to see the development between the two main heroines. Cute and lighthearted.

Kisses, Sights, and Cherry-Blossom Pink (Series -Licensed) [NSFW]

A follow-up series of Nana and Hitomi’s story, continuing from Even If We’re Not Friends.

Kuchibiru ni Suketa Orange (Series -Completed) [NSFW]
A popular transfer student, Kanae, starts hanging out with a the least popular group of girls in class. One of these girls falls in love with Kanae but starts worrying when Kanae pays more attention to the other two girls from the group. Most of the manga is just angst and worries of the main heroine, with the only real plot development happening in the last chapter but it’s worth it.

Line (Series -Licensed)
When Chiko finds a phone lying on a bench, her live takes a 180 turn as she must race to save many people from committing suicide! She is accompanied by Bando, a strange class-mate, whose actions and motives leave Chiko puzzled. The yuri in this one is very subtle, but it’s there.

Lonely Wolf, Lonely Sheep (Series -Completed)
When Kakimoto Imari goes into hospital with a fractured finger, she meets Kakimoto Imari with a fractured finger. This incredible coincidence goes even further when the two girls find out their birthdays are only one day apart! Seeing this as a fateful meeting, both Imaris get closer to each other but as they do, dark secrets from their pasts start revealing themselves.

Love Flag Girls!! (Series -Completed) [NSFW]
A young princess of an unknown kingdom infiltrates a pirate crew that stole a valuable treasure of her mother, the queen. However, when she boards the ship, she learns things are not how they seem. Very lighthearted and comedic, even in “serious” situations.

Octave (Series -Completed and Licensed) [NSFW]
Surprisingly and unusually complex angsty story. Not your typical yuri.

Office Romance: Women’s Division (Series – Ongoing)
Exactly what the title says. Your typical sweet yuri with a drop of angst here and there.

Chirality (Series -Completed)
(don’t worry about the fact one of the girls is able to turn into a guy; she only does this in a few combat situations in the first volume, until she loses the ability to do this altogether)
This is a mature manga that’s focused on action a lot and thus also comes with several brief bloody moments, although romance also plays a big part (especially at the end).
Alternatively volumes 1-3 can also be downloaded individually: vol1, vol2, vol3.

Ebisu-san and Hotei-san (Series -Completed)
Ebisu-san and Hotei-san are OLs working at different offices. After Hotei-san went over to Ebisu-san’s office to do a job, they’d both gotten a bad impression of one another. Not long after that Ebisu-san transfers to Hotei-san’s office and Hotei-san now has to cope with having to work with this woman she hates every day…

Heart-Pounding Excitement at Mononoke Girls’ Academy (Series – Completed) [NSFW]
It’s about a girl who accidentally ends up in another world when she’s on her way to her first day of school on a rainy day. This other world she ended up in is the world of demons and such, where she ends up going to school instead while having to hide the fact she’s actually human.

Husky & Medley (Series – Completed)
“A manga adaptation of an internet thread in which a girl attempts to reveal her “perfect” friend’s weakpoint, confessing her love for her in the process, and the relationship between them thereafter.”

Pure Marionation (vol1, vol2) (Series – Completed) [NSFW]
This is basically the love story of a robot with artificial intelligence who went to school (while hiding the fact she’s a robot) so that she could make friends.
Also, the NSFW tag mainly concerns a few bathing scenes in which bare breasts are visible (there’s no sex).

Sayonara Folklore (Series – Ongoing)
(note that you need to make an account at the site if you wish to download the manga, but you can read it online without making an account first)
After 2 girls supposedly committed a lovers suicide on a certain monday, the girls at a school have gotten the superstition that touching each other in any way would pass a curse onto them unless they’d say a certain spell after touching.
A new girl at the school decides to abuse this hoping to get kicked from school because of this so that she can go back home…

Stray Little Devil (Series – Completed and Licensed)
This is a lighthearted (as in comedic) action/adventure-focused manga. The yuri remains mostly subtextual until a little before the ending, although the subtext is strong enough to make it obvious and the ending actually delivers.

The Conditions For Paradise (Series – Completed)
A 3-chapter series by Morishima Aikiko about a free-lance writer and her best friend who she’s been in love with for 10 years.

Pieta (Series – Completed)
The depressed and self-abusive (mostly because she was neglected by her family) Rio befriends Sahoko, who appears to be her complete opposite.

Orange & Yellow (Series -Completed)
NOTE: The volume contains the series + several one-shots. This recommendation refers only to the series. I will be referring to some of the one-shots later, when I start recommending Anthologies.
Jun is confused when her childhood friend Myuu confesses to her and tries to put a distance between them to help sort things out.

Prism (Series – Cancelled)
Ever since Megu met a boy named Hikaru when she was small, she couldn’t think about anybody else. Now, she’s entering high school and she decided to finally abandon her past love and move on. However, on the first day of school she meets a pretty girl who seems to know her and introduces herself as Hikaru! (Don’t worry, no traps or gender-bender is present)

Raubritter (Series – Completed) [NSFW]
In search for her older sister, Neneko visits Raubritter, a secret club made of two young women who help young maidens in need. They agree to help Neneko find her sister, for a price. However, Raubritter doesn’t accept money as payment…

Sasameki Koto (Series – Completed)
I think most of you already know this series but for those who don’t:
Sumika is a tall and athletic girl who is in love with her best friend Ushio. Fortunately for her, Ushio is into girls as well! Unfortunately for her, Ushio only like cute girls and Sumika doesn’t exactly qualify as cute with her big stature. Furthermore, Ushio is completely unaware of Sumika’s feelings so she doesn’t hold back when talking about her latest crush.

Shoujo Holic (Series – Completed)
Yui is forced to change schools if she wants to stay in Japan when her parents travel to Britain. In her new school, she meets a strange short girl, Nagi, who is a little bit too much friendly for Yui’s taste.

Shoujo Sect (Series – Completed) [Very NSFW]
Shinobu is a childhood friend of Momoko. She loved her ever since they were small. Now they’re both in high school and while Shinobu’s love is still strong, Momoko seems to have forgotten about their childhood feelings. Also, Yuri harem =u=

Sorairo Girlfriend (Series – Ongoing)
Hiromi leads a normal high school life until a girl named Juli transfers into the school. While initially the center of interest in class, Juli’s personality quickly leads to her being all alone. Hiromi tries taking pity on her and be friendly. At first, it seems nothing changed but suddenly, Juli starts showing huge interest in Hiromi, giving her the nickname ‘Romeo’ and calling herself ‘Juliet’. However, it seems that Hiromi’s best friends Maki has some feelings for her as well?

The Flower and The Star (Series – Completed)
Sawako was a table tennis prodigy who has never lost a match until her encounter with a certain girl. Feeling utterly defeated, Sawako quite table tennis and tried to have a happy high school life. But at the first day of school she meets with the girl that beat her. She even sits right next to her! To make matters worse, it seems like Sawako’s loss was no big deal for the girl who is now for some reason trying to get friendly with Sawako.

Two and Two (Series – Completed) [NSFW]
Ayumi lives together with Sayako but the two girls don’t get along. They both have an older female lover but none of them is aware of the fact. That is, until their respective lovers decide to meet up. As it turns out, they’re actually childhood friends. And naturally, they bring the girls with them. Thus begins the fateful meeting of the four girls.

Under One Roof (Series – On Hiatus)
Yoshida needs a place to stay so she rents a shared apartment. She gets along with the owner right from the start but it turns out the owner is in fact openly lesbian. Will Yoshida be able to stay in the place despite this fact?

Wife and Wife (Series – Completed)
A lighthearted and comedic story about two young women living together as Wife and Wife.
[NanoFate] Kissing Your Cheek (Doujin)
Not much (if any?) story in this one… Just some heartwarming cuddling.

[ShizNat] Doropanda Tours vol 8 (Doujin)
Natsuki is pondering about how she feels about Shizuru’s affaction for her and how she feels about Shizuru…

[Touhou] Between Calmness and Passion (Doujin)
Sakuya keeps saying everything except what’s really on her mind when she’s around Meiling, which often results in Meiling running off crying. To do something about this Sakuya takes a potion to alter her behavior a bit…

[Touhou] Flowers That Bloom In My Hand (Doujin)
Yuuka can’t help but pick on Wriggle because of her cute reactions to it and is worried that Wriggle will start disliking her… There’s 2 sequels to this.
Covered With Flowers (Sequel 1)
Little Bug & Little Flower (Sequel 2)

Moko-Love (Doujin)
After Keine’s heater broke, Moko went to her place to surprise her and make some fire to keep her warm and this pretty much results in a night full of flirting and head patting.

Abracadabra (One-shot)
After getting rejected, Kana drowns her sorrows with juice at the Witch’s Bar while spilling her guts to the owner (the owner is of course a witch, since it’s her bar), who in return decides to help her forget about her pain…

Adorable to Me (One-shot)
While Chika is trying to hide from people trying to recruit her to their clubs, she enters room which she thought was empty. It turns out a senpai was inside after all, who asks her if she came to join the art club. After hearing the art club will be dissolved if nobody joins soon (since the senpai that’s present is the last member left), Chika decides to join, but on paper only because she doesn’t know anything about art. So they basically just hang out together in the art clubroom and it turns out her senpai fell in love with her…

Tainai Kaiki (One-shot)
After Mayu confessed to her friend, Akemi-chan rejected her, but agreed to remain friends. Mayu is starting to have a hard time to keep her feelings inside however…

Sweet Guilty Love Bites (Anthology) [NSFW]
These are 3 unrelated stories, with the only thing in common that the protagonist of every story is a hostess at Club Lilac (so they all know each other, but don’t have much to do with each other in the individual chapters themselves).
-Part A is about Kyrie who seems to have the habbit of bringing home stray animals she finds in the street. This time brings home a woman however (after kicking a pile of newspapers out of frustration, not knowing this woman was sleeping under them).
-Part B is about Nina who ended up in bed with Mayu after getting drunk, but she tells Mayu she has to go because she has a kid waiting at home for her and intends to put this night behind her. The next day she takes her daughter to her first day of school and it turns out that Mayu is her preschool teacher…
-Part C features 2 colleagues from Club Lilac; Kokoro and Claire (Kyrie and Nina appear for an instant as well, but they’re irrelevant in this chapter). Kokoro has feelings for Claire and that’s probably all the introduction you need.

The Structural Formula of First Love (One-shot)
This manga (from the same author as Sweet Guilty Love Bites) is about Miki, who after she finds out her best friend (who she was in love with) got pregnant, put a curse on her to make her child fall in love with her instead. Of course Miki was just frustrated when she did that and didn’t think it was actually possible for even a second, but 13 years later it seems like the curse might’ve really worked after all…

Balance-Lee of Love! (One-shot) [NSFW]
After the girl she admires confesses to her, Hako-chan is confused about whether or not it was a real confession and if it means they’re going out now or not…

Body Warmth Communication (One-shot)
Madoka’s manger is excessively clingy with her, which is making her feel uneasy (especially when Madoka is worrying about being sweaty after basketball practice).

Bounce and Sway (One-shot) [NSFW]
A girl that gets teased for her small chest befriends a girl that teased on for her large chest.

Girls’ Aesthetics (Anthology)
-1- I Want to Become Her! (One-shot)
Kaede suddenly finds herself living in the house of the model she admires…
-2- Her First Love (One-shot) [NSFW]
Natsuki has been pretending to be a boy in order to go out with the girl she likes…
-3- Her Luck in Love (One-shot) [NSFW]
Saki has a crush on her friend Masono and is starting to have a hard time to keep her urges under control…
-4- Her Temptation (One-shot)
In order to keep her family from falling apart, Yuno intends to keep the fact she’s a lesbian a secret until she at least lives on her own. A new student in school is strongly testing her resistance to temptation now however.
-5- Her Confession (One-shot)
Mari gets confessed to by a girl that’s admired by everybody in school…
-6- First Bloom (One-shot) [NSFW]
I wouldn’t really recommend this one since it seems to lack a story; it’s just 6 pages of 2 girls making love in some garden. Since this is the only manga in this anthology I wouldn’t recommend, I might as well include it for completion.
-7- Love Ride Part 1, Part 2 (One-shot)
After Mima is rejected, she decides to go on “Lily’s Bus Tour” in order to heal her broken heart. All of the characters from the other mangas of this Anthology are passengers on this bus is about to pick up one more passenger…

Darling x Darling Part A, Part B (One-shot)
Maki gets confessed to by Akane and happily accepts her feelings. Four years later they’re living together, but Maki is feeling neglected because Akane is always busy with work…

Forever Girls (One-shot)
After dying in a hospital bed, Mizuki becomes a ghost and decides to visit her home. It turns out people she doesn’t know are now living in her old home however and although nobody can normally see her, a young girl is staring at her…

From Your L-I-P-S (One-shot) [NSFW]
Even though Mari has never spoken a word to Michika-san, Mari claims she’s going out with her. Her friends obviously aren’t buying it and tell her she’s a stalker…

Graffiti (One-shot)
After Kana writes a message on her desk, Rise, who uses the same desk when she goes to night school, wrote a message in return in protest of her writing on her desk and thus a back and forth correspondence started with both of them leaving messages for each other on the the desk…
There’s also and extra for this named No Title which basically tells the story from Rise’s perspective.
A Lapis-Lazuli Blue Dream (Anthology)
Princess of the Stars
A Lapis-Lazuli Blue Dream
Honey & Mustard
Princess of the Stars deals with daily-life problems of two girls after they start a relationship and live together.
Nostalgia is about a relationship of a widow and a neighborhood girl, who is like a daughter to her.
In A Lapis-Lazuli Blue Dream, a young woman gets drunk with one of her coworkers and they end up sleeping together. Upon waking up, she realizes what has happened and must now deal with the consequences.
In Honey & Mustard, two former lovers vie to win the heart of a young girl owning a food stand.

Butterfly69 (Anthology) [Some NSFW]
Butterfly 69 (NSFW)
Beautiful Pain
Rooftop Miracle
Spicy Sweets
Butterfly Effect (NSFW)
Butterfly 69 is a story about a school delinquent who wants to become a singer and her honor student lover who wants to support her.
Beautiful Pain is a romance between two step-sisters.
Rooftop Miracle deals with two young women who coincidentally meet at the same place where they wanted to commit suicide.
In Spicy Sweets, Yuu is a normal girl who just wants to live with her lover Aki in peace, when Yuu’s family decides to interfere.
Butterfly Effect is a continuation of the Butterfly 69 story.

Girls Love Paradise (Anthology) [NSFW]
Teach Tea Songs
Teach Tea Songs is about a young girl getting extra tea lessons from the owner of a teahouse.

If This Wish Comes True (Anthology)
Rain and First Love
Magical Incantation
In Rain and First Love, a girl is worrying about her feelings for her childhood friend.
Umi is going out with Tsukiko but lately, Tsukiko hasn’t been paying Umi any attention and Umi worries, this might be the end of their relationship.

Kisses, Sighs, and Cherry-Blossom Pink (Anthology)
A Kiss, Love and a Prince
A Kiss, Love and a Prince is about a girl who rehearses a play with her underclassman and gets carried away with her emotions, causing a friction between the two.

Love Flicker (Anthology)
All My Love and Lies
Adorable to Me
All My Love and Lies is about two classmates trying to win the heart of a sempai but when one finally succeeds, their feelings get a lot more complicated.
In Adorable to Me, a girl accidentally stumbles into the art club room when trying to hide from other club recruiters. She is persuaded by the only member of the club to stay there in order for the club to not be dissolved.
Worrying is a continuation of Adorable to Me.

Orange & Yellow (Anthology)
Katokoi Hime
Katokoi Hime is a story about a girl who finds and befriends a strange girl lying on the grass while it’s raining.

Pure Water Adolescence (Anthology)
I won’t be listing the stories from this anthology as they are all very good and they are very closely connected, almost like a normal series. All the stories focus on the relationship of a school doctor and a student in the school with the exception of Lovesick over my best friend and Chatting in Our Pajamas.
Lovesick over my best friend is about two side characters from the main story.
Chatting in Our Pajamas is about the student from the main story and her classmate.

Resounding Echo (Anthology)
Lonesome Echo Parts A, B, C
Ritsuko (a side character in the other stories from the anthology) becomes a teacher at a school but because there are no available offices, she is forced to use the prep room. When she gets there, she meets a strange girl sleeping in the room! As the two get closer together, a dark secret from the past is revealed.

Sleeping Beauty’s Dream (Anthology)
Sleeping Beauty’s Dream
20, 21
Twelve-Year Age Gap, Six-and-a-Half-Mat Room
Sleeping Beauty’s Dream when Tsukasa is suddenly kissed by her love interest Akira in front of the whole student council after waking her from sleep, she panics and knocks Akira out. Now, she has to deal with the situation!
20, 21 is about a girl who is depressed when her love interest doesn’t include her on the list of 20 most “dateable” people.
Twelve-Year Age Gap, Six-and-a-Half-Mat Room is about a 29 year old woman who is “failing adulthood”. But for some reason, a young girl Hatoko visits her every day and won’t leave her alone!

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter (Anthology) [some NSFW]
Once again, the stories are very closely connected. All the stories except for Her follow the two most popular girls at school and their respective love interests. Also includes this scene. (mild spoilers, I guess but worth it =u=)
Her is an independent story set in the same school about two friends who are unaware that they feel the same about each other.

Sweet Little Devil (Anthology) [Slightly NSFW]
Again, I’d recommend all the stories. They are all about two high school girls, Sayo and Ritsuko and the time they spend together.

The Prince of the Night Sky and Princess of the Morning Glow (Anthology)
Giraffes’ Necks Are Too Long
Giraffes’ Necks Are Too Long is about a girl who always blurts out whatever comes to her mind.

Your Cuteness
Your Cuteness
Love Letter [Bad-End]
Maple Love
Your Cuteness is a story about two somewhat unpopular girls at school acting in a school play.
In Love Letter, Miwa asks her best friend Yuu to deliver a love letter to a boy for her, unaware of Yuu’s own feelings for Miwa.
Maple Love is about a chance encounter of two girls. One is being asked out by a guy and rejects him. The other is lying in grass behind some bushes right next to them.
The Flower Emerges Through Concealment (Doujin)
Mihoko and Hisa became friends, but although they became closer, Mihoko was afraid that being friends was as close as they’ll ever be.

Private Link (Doujin)
There’s not a whole lot of a story in this one, just mainly some mutual flirting.

Special Things to a Rabbit (Doujin)
One morning Mihoko wakes up as a small rabbit-girl. Unable to speak, she approaches Hisa for help.

Will You Marry Me? 1 (Doujin)
Will You Marry Me? 2 (Doujin)
Some of Hisa and Mihoko’s days as newlyweds.

And now back to original mangas…

It’s OK (One-shot)
Hazukashii (One-shot)
It’s OK and Hazukashii (in that order) follow up on one another and are about Fuu-chan, who likes her friend Ricchan and she’s worried about the fact they’ll see each other naked in the public bath when they’ll go on their school excursion together.

Clover Ch2 (One-shot)
Clover Extra – Happy Days (One-shot)
Clover is actually a series of unrelated stories, so the different chapters are pretty much the same as one-shots. Chapter 2 and the extra (this extra happens to be a direct sequel to Chapter 2) is in fact the only non-depressing story of Clover (Hiyori Otsu seems to have a thing for depressing stories…), which is why it’s the only one I’m recommending.
Anyhow, this second chapter of Clover is about 2 single girls who decide to be “pretend lovers” until they’d find boyfriends for themselves…

Othello (One-shot)
This one is also by Hiyori Otsu. After Miku has befriended Tonno, who caught her interest because of her unusual behavior, they’ve been spending a lot of time together. One day Toono confesses to Miku however, but since Miku told Toono she never thought of her in that way Toono started avoiding her…
If I Could Fly (One-shot)
Tsumari makes sure she walks by the same spot at 7:47 every day to catch a glimpse of a girl who daily passes that spot at the same time…

Koi no Charade (One-shot) [NSFW]
Anzu and Satomi are close friends. Satomi always helped Anzu with studying so that they’d be able to attend the same high school together, but on the day of the test Satomi caught a cold and ended up failing. Now Anzu and Satomi are attending different high schools and Anzu blames herself for the fact Satomi has to attend a lower class high school…

Love Me Softly (One-shot)
After getting hit in the head by a ball, Yuki wakes up in the infirmary. The class rep is with her when she wakes up and to her surprise Yuki appears to be able to hear what she’s thinking.

Magic of the Kiss (One-shot)
At the college campus festival Rika was suddenly kissed by her friend Yuu. After this Rika started feeling awkward around Yuu and in return Yuu started avoiding Rika. After college Rika’s job requires her to attend a training to use certain makeup products and is suprised to find that Yuu is in fact the assistant of the instructor of this class.

Fall In Love (One-shot)
A cute one-shot by Morinaga Milk. While trying to hide from the rain, Natsume runs into Iwasa-san who’s also hiding from the rain. They went to the same middle school class together, where Natsume noticed that Iwasa-san hates her for some reason…

Heaven is Just There (Doujin) [NSFW]
A (Heartcatch) PreCure Doujin by Morinaga Milk. Tsubomi has a crush on Itsuki, but never gets the chance to spend any time alone with her. Since Tsubomi doesn’t have the courage to ask, she instead has been doing a night time ritual where she places a photo of Itsuki under her pillow so that she can at least spend time with her in her dreams, but so far it hasn’t been working…

The Fragrant Sea Breeze (One-shot) [NSFW]
The girl Fuuka likes is over for summer break to tutor her. Fuuka asks her what she thinks an orgasm feels like…

We’re Aiming For Love Now (One-shot)
Shinobu and Lalah-senpai have been together for 12 years (since they were 13 and 17 years old) and are still in a loving relationship together. Now that they’re grown up, some things have changed, and some things haven’t…

A White, White Dress (One-shot)
A girl finally comes out of the closet in front of her mother.

After School Canon (One-shot) [NSFW]
When Sakuragi joined the student council, she had no idea that she’d spend most of her time searching for the president around the school but as days passed, she got better and better at it.

Blushing Girl (One-shot) [NSFW]
The Ichigo Mei knew was a boyish looking girl with unhealthy obsession with Mei’s “boobies”. Now, after 4 years, Mei has hard time believing that one of the cutest girls she has ever seen introduces herself as Ichigo.

Girls’ Union (One-shot) [NSFW]
Yuu and Tae have confessed to each other, went out together, even kissed… but what comes next?

Gravity (One-shot) [NSFW]
When Miharu grows bored of going out with Saya and wants to try it with a guy, Saya gets depressed and reaches for drastic measures.

Hao! (One-shot) [NSFW] (Extra)
Two lovers have clashing opinions whether yuri love is about sex or about romance.

Her Desire (One-shot)
A short story about the relationship between a bully and the bullied
NOTE: If anybody knows any stories with this or similar kind of relationship, please tell me!

Ichiban Sukina Hito (One-shot) [NSFW]
In order for Rinko to please her boyfriend, she has her friend Ai try out her homemade lunch every day. Ai wants to help her friend but must battle her own feelings for the girl as well.

Incident at Honnoji Temple (One-shot)
A strict and harsh teacher gets blackmailed by a student.

Keep Your Heart Closed (One-shot) [NSFW]
A fluffy story about the relationship between two cousins.

Keikakutei Mama (One-shot) [NSFW]
Shortly after remarrying, Sanae’s dad has to go on a business trip. However, it seems he accidentally locked the bedroom and so his new wife is forced to share bed with Sanae!

Love Prep Room (One-shot) [NSFW]
Shiina has a relationship with her sempai but it seems she’s also harboring some feelings for her best friend!

Memo Hani! Secret Maid 2 (One-shot) [NSFW]
When a teacher at school sees two girls kissing, she is reminded of her own high school adventures.

Monologue Love (One-shot)
Yuu has been going out with Miyako for one month but because of her lack of courage, they haven’t progressed at all and now it seems that Miyako is growing bored with Yuu!

Otonato Kodomoto (One-shot) [NSFW]
Sayaka gets shocked when her girlfriend becomes her new teacher at high school.

Pure-Hearted Playgirl (One-shot) [NSFW]
Homare seduces a new girl every day but when she seduces Shiori, a surprise awaits her as Shiori is not content with only receiving, she wants to be giving as well.

Raindrop Harmonia (One-shot)
When Yuuka finds a little girl sitting on the street in the middle of a rain, she decides to take care of her.

Shibuya District, Maruyama Neighborhood: After School (One-shot)
Itoi is unable to admit that she is being bullied, until her classmate Ariyoshi takes her out on a trip to Shibuya.

Summer Splash (One-shot) [NSFW]
Saya has fun by watching the color of the girls’ bras through their shirts. However, Mayu doesn’t like this at all, going as far as wearing a vest on a hot summer day!

Sweet Emotion (One-shot)
Rie falls in love very easily but can never keep her boyfriend for long. After each break-up, she opens her heart to her friend Aki. But Aki has her own feelings for Rie!

The Two of Us, Together Under the Sky (One-shot)
Nazuna tries to find her significant other by imagining kissing them and seeing if it grosses her out or not.

Your Love (One-shot) [NSFW]
Natsu goes out with her sempai and while everything seems good at first, for some reason, Natsu is unable to look her sempai in the eye.

Affinitive Vision (One-shot) [NSFW]
A teacher confiscates some lesbian AV tapes that two girls brought into school. When the girls go plead for the teacher to return the tapes, they find out she got a little bit too curious.

Girl Meets Girl (One-shot) [NSFW]
A teacher is plagued with memories from her past, when she lost control over herself and kissed a student she liked, who then loathed her. Now, after many years, she accidentally locks eyes with the very student when walking down a street. IMHO, the sex scene is way too long and unnecessary but the hornier ones of you might like it.

I want to gaze at you in this fleeting moment (One-shot) [NSFW]
When a new teacher in school finishes giving her opening speech at the start of the school year, she stumbles on her way back and accidentally kisses a pretty girl. It seems this action made the girl angry as no matter what the teacher tries, the girl refuses to speak a single word to her.

Strawberry Strawberry Strawberry (One-shot) [Bad-End]
A girl has a crush on the school nurse, frequently faking having cramps and such in order to be with her. Very depressing but also very touching.

My Beloved Kawano-san (One-shot)
An angsty office romance.

My Partner (One-shot)
Nozmi, a popular student at a school for nurses, has a crush on another student, who’s rather unpopular.

Neko ni Naritai (One-shot) [NSFW]
A romance between two cat lovers with opposite personalities.

Nightmare After School (One-shot)
Gore warning. Akira has been having the same gory nightmare frequently lately, but Ami convinced her to not worry about it. Soon the actually recognizes the girl she’s been seeing in her dreams as another student at her school however. And not long after that her death is announced on the news…
Yuri romance is present in this, but there’s no overt mutual romance, unfortunately. That doesn’t mean it isn’t mutual, but it’s never confirmed.
It sort of seems like this manga is part of a bigger story, which makes it a bit surprising it’s just a one-shot

Nightmare Syndrome (One-shot) [NSFW]
To avenge her father’s death, Elysia has been trying to kill Vega for several months since she found Vega’s Castle. Vega pays this no mind however; she even gave Elysia a place to stay and seems to treat her no different from welcomed a guest.
I think this could’ve made a very nice series… Too bad it’s just a One-shot.

Pure White Sigh (One-shot) [NSFW]
“Two broken-hearted women turn to each other for comfort.”

The Red Love Letter (One-shot) [NSFW]
Yuuka falls in love with her crappy husband’s little sister.

Secret Love (Anthology)
A collection of One-shots by Ootomo Megane. They’re all set in the “same world”, meaning some of the characters are recurring.
-1- A Passing Story (One-shot)
“In “A Passing Story,” by Ohtomo Megane, a school doctor recounts a romance from her own school days.”
-3- Romance
A warm story about Kanako and her girlfriend, China. The story is set in the same school as “A Passing Story”.
-4- Lover
“Continues Monayo and Mayu’s story in the present. (Monayo and Mayu first appeared in “A Passing Story,” in Tsubomi 1.)”
-6- Sigh
“In Ohtomo Megane’s “Sigh,” Shiratori, now in college, despairs of ever finding love. (Shiratori first appeared in “Pink,” in Tsubomi 2.)”

Oniyuri-san and Himeyuri-san (One-shot)
Itsuku and Shizuku are both very popular girls, with both their own fan clubs. And although their fan clubs seem to hate each, often starting arguments about who of the two girls is better, Itsuku and Shizuku have actually been going out for a while already, but keep it a secret because they’re worried about how their fan clubs would respond…

Overpass Junction (One-shot)
“In “Overpass Junction,” by Nakamura Asumiko, two people’s lives intersect at a train station.”

Scissors and Fingers (One-shot)
“In “Scissors and Fingers,” by Inugami Sukune, a girl tells a hairdresser about the feelings she has for a certain someone.”

Shinigami Alice (One-shot)
Shinigami Alice (Series – Ongoing)
The one-shot and series have the same basic story; Masaki witnesses a cute doll-like girl killing a person and even though she was a witness, she was left alive. Now Masaki can’t get the girl out of her head and looks for the girl, despite being warned not to.
The group that used to scanlate was series is Dynasty, who no longer scanlate anything nowadays and no other group has picked it up yet either (meaning there won’t be any new chapters any time soon). Fortunately the last scanlated chapter (the 5th chapter) doesn’t end with a cliffhanger, but actually resolves all sub-plots that were introduced up until that point.

Sketch From the Heart (One-shot)
Sakura joins the art club to get closer to the artist she admires.

Sweet Tears (One-shot) [NSFW]
Michika falls for her co-worker at her new part-time job.

Tandem Lover ch01: Koda x Shima (One-shot)
For the final exam at the TANDEMINE Pilot Training School (a Tandemine is some sort of battle mech) the fastest (most reckless) girl in school is put together in a team with the slowest girl in school, who are both close to failing.
Although this is actually a series (as you’d probably have guessed from the title), judging from the included index page (it’s all I can judge from, because no other chapters are out yet), this series is really a series of One-shots; each chapter is about a different couple and I’m guessing all chapters are set in the same school.

Tempted By The Flower Petals (One-shot)
During the spring of her first year, Mio peeks through the door of the gym and sees her Senpai playing basketball. She falls in love with her and decides to join the club (as a manager, because she’s not very athletic) so she can see her from closer by.

The Greenhouse Witch (One-shot) [NSFW]
By chance Shima finds her school’s greenhouse. The greenhouse is maintained by a seemingly mysterious girl, who knows so much that Shima starts wondering if she’s really a witch.
The Greenhouse Secret (One-shot) [NSFW]
A sequel to The Greenhouse Witch.

Gekichu! ~The Prince’s Melancholy~ [NSFW]
“Sayori has had bad luck with men all her life. One day, she gets drunk and starts reminiscing her old clubmate, Kimika, when she moves in next door! What sort of past do the two have and what sort of future will they have now that they’ve met again after all these years?”

Kusari wa mou Iranai (One-shot)
An office romance. Aoi always seemed vulnerable since Yoshino first saw her, so she’d been looking out for her. They’re lovers now, but has Yoshino actually been holding Aoi back all this time?

Present (One-shot)
Although Keiko actually has a soft and girly personality, her appearance makes her look mean and ruthless and this scares off all friends she’d like to have. Because of this Keiko started acting the way she looks and ended up with friends to match, yet she still feels lonely… Until one day she met Haruka, who just happened to be blind and thus wouldn’t judge her by her appearance… But there’s a chance this might soon change.

After Kaori hadn’t seen her childhood friend in 10 years, Ayabuki suddenly returned and transferred to her school. Because the last time Kaori saw Ayabuki was when she lost one of Ayabuki’s earrings, she’s worried that they might not be able to become friends again, especially when she hears that the earring actually belonged to Ayabuki’s unrequited love. So in order to become friends again comes up with a plan to help Ayabuki get together with the person she likes.

Kakera (One-shot)
“Two sisters that are living in the same room. Their connection is a bit more than a normal sister-sister relationship. One of them eventually has some cruel reactions. What will be the end of it all, well read and see.”

Hearing the Sound of Bells (One-shot)
Tomoko is a dedicated flute player and people don’t pay much attention to her at all, meaning she’ll likely end up spending the upcoming Christmas alone as usual. Recently however, a fellow flute player started approaching her, but for as Tomoko can tell she only comes around to kill time while making fun of her.

Wedding Bells Are Ringing (One-shot) [NSFW]
When Misaki learned that her father is going to force her to get married, she decides to run away from home and have a one-night-stand in order to rebel. The next morning however, she realizes that the man she went home with wasn’t a man after all.

My Girlfriend (One-shot)
Chiaki worries about how her girlfriend really feels about her…

Winter Poem (One-shot)
Also known as Fuyu no Shi. Atsuko has an unusually high body temperature and because of that everybody wants to cling onto her in the winter, while nobody gets near her during the summer. The only exception to this is her friend Minami.

Yearning for Macaron
“Sara has always wanted to try the cookies that Matsuri makes for her, but never has because of her fear of gaining weight. But now that Matsuri is moving, will Sara tell her true feelings, or will she always be yearning for macaroons?”

Your Fragrance (One-shot) [NSFW]
Rika is somehow taken in by Saki’s fragrance and tries to find out the the reason for this. She starts by asking Saki what shampoo she uses…

Yuri Yuri (Anthology)
Chapter 1: Ayumi and Misaki
Whenever Ayumi sees Misaki in the hallway, she can’t help but stare at her underclassman. Misaki noticed this however and tells her it’s creepy.
Chapter 1.5: Ayumi and Misaki
A short sequel to the last chapter.
Chapter 2: Nao and Chika
Nao often sees Chika reading a book on the train and has fallen in love with her. In order to get closer to Chika she pretends that a guy asked her to give Chika his number so he can text her, while actually giving Chika her own number…
Chapter 3: Shiho and Kanako
Kanako and Chino have always been clingy and after Kanako asked Shino how she’d feel if she told her she loved her, they actually became a couple. But now Shino suddenly started acting distant…

Yuri Yuri (ELEGY SYNDROME) (Anthology)
Chapter 1
Momo has a crush on her friend Sara and often gets jealous when other girls get too close to Sara, while Sara seems to be way too dense to realize Momo’s feelings.
Chapter 2
Chisato is always skipping out on her classes and the class rep, Aya has started to frequently approach Chisato to tell her to attend classes, while at the same time giving her mangas to kill the time. What she’s saying and doing appears to be entirely contradictory…
Chapter 4
“Kawaguchi Senpai”, who is admired by my in school ponders if and how her girlfriend, Asami, is different from any of her other admirers.
Chapter 6: After
This chapter exists out of several parts which all tell an after story about the couples from the previous chapters and it also has 3 more parts for 3 new couples.

My Teddy Bear (One-Shot)
An insanely adorable one-shot about a girl who still likes and plays with teddy bears, even in high school, and her best friend. One of the best arts I have ever seen (at least for me subjectively)

When You Say “No”, I Say “Eek”! (One-shot)
A girl goes to a mixer at a friend’s request but is completely disinterested in it. When she meets another girl in the bathroom, they sneak out of the mixer together.

Notes From The Garden of Lilies (Series – Ongoing)
At first I was skeptical but this is a real gem.
Kurashiki is a delinquent girl who gets into trouble with the teachers. She is saved by Fujiwara, a girl regarded as “the saint.” However, in reality, Fujiwara has a sadistic side and now that Kurashiki is in her debt…

Akari Outcast! (Doujin)
Another Yuru Yuri Doujin. Kyouko has lost her memories and currently believes she’s 8 years old. Ayano ends up taking care of her.

Conversation In The Language Of Flowers (One-shot)
Chika’s girlfriend (Kuroda) has been distant lately because she’s been busy studying for her final exam. While attending an old classmate’s wedding Chika learns that Kuroda actually already passed that exam, so she goes home to confront her…
(I personally prefer to skip pages 14-17 because the sex scene seems out of place and takes away from the story)

Cycling Under a Starlit Sky (One-shot)
Makoto befriends a transfer student when she offers her a ride to school. Momo has a weak body and Makoto has been letting her ride on the back of her bike for over a year already when she learns that Momo stay was only temporarily and she’ll be transferring again soon now that her body has become stronger. They decide to watch a meteor shower together to make a good memory…

First Love (One-shot) It includes a second chapter of 14 pages and a third chapter of 2 pages, but I don’t think that’s really enough to be able to call this a series (it’s more like an extended one-shot).
Yuki, who’s part of the calligraphy club, finds a love letter in her shoe locker, signed by Hino. Assuming that this Hino did it because of some punishment game, Yuki sends a reply in return, in which she states that she won’t go out with someone she doesn’t know. Shortly after that Hino also joins the calligraphy club…

I Want To Lock You Up (One-shot)
Chika is in love with Mitsuki and dreams about her every night, but even though she desires her, she barely ever speaks to her at school.

Nana Yuri (One-shot)
Kaharu and Hinoko are childhood friends. Kaharu notices that Hinoko has been acting different lately and wonders whether she might have done something to upset her, but then begins to realize it’s actually the opposite…

Nanatsu Yuri (one-shot)
This is a sequel to Nana Yuri.

The Thing I Want the Most (Doujin)
A Touhou doujin. Marisa tries to figure out what kind of gift Reimu would like while they’re visiting the human village together.

Poor Poor Lips (Series)
Volume 1
Volume 2 (the password is my nickname)
Volume 3 (same password as above)
Volume 4
Nako, who has always been poor and is desperately in search for a new job after the store she worked for went bankrupt, ends up at a power stone shop that happens to be paying exceptionally well. When she applies for the job all her competition immediately evaporates when Ren, the store owner, identifies herself as a lesbian and Nako turns out to be the only one who isn’t bothered by this. Ren, who has always lived a wealthy life, seems to have a strong urge to frequently spoil Nako after noticing how poor she is and she frequently ensures Nako that she’s not her type (which actually slightly hurts Nako’s feelings).

Konohanasakuya-hime (Doujin)
A Yuru Yuri doujin. Sakurako realizes she’s in love with Himawari but don’t know how to deal with it.

My Unique Day (One-shot)
After joining an acting troupe, Sorako became close with the actress she admired and is starting to feel more than just admiration for her.

Looks like Dynasty finally put AnaKris’ “Cross Heart”, “Someday” and “Breakdown” up on the reader, so I’ll take the liberty to add those to the recommendations as well.

Cross Heart (Series)
Although they’re actually 3 different mangas with the names I mentioned above, they’re all directly connected, so you could basically just see “Cross Heart”, “Someday” and “Breakdown” as different volumes or whatever (Dynasty simply called all 3 of these together “Cross Heart”, so I’ll just go along with that as well for convenience).
Anyhow, to give a quick description of the story without spoiling anything; the first page starts with Kotomi waking up from a nightmare recalling getting raped six years earlier and this trauma still haunts her every night. At school she keeps to herself and is isolated, but Haru has taken an interest in her, wondering why she always looks so sad…

The beginning might scare some off (it might’ve scared me off as well if it wasn’t for the fact that I’d already read Breakdown first and I didn’t have a clue that there was such a back-story even after I’d finished reading Breakdown), but although it’s indeed a rather unpleasant beginning to the story, it gets more optimistic as the story progresses and it’s also not too graphic (no nudity is shown at all).

[Touhou] Plastic Heart: Special Edition Doujin
Alice and Patchouli are in love with one another, but they’re both under the impression that the other is in love with Marisa.

I Await Your Reply (One-shot)
Honjou Mayumi has a crush on a girl at her school. The only person who she can talk to about this is “Kuro”, which is the nickname of a girl she met at a mobile site that she frequents.

Sorry I’m Obsessed (One-shot)
This is a sequel to “I Await Your Reply”.

[NanoFate] Sleep my Dear (Doujin)
This doesn’t have a particularly deep story, but it’s very sweet nonetheless.
Fate unexpectedly can’t make it home because of work, which leaves Nanoha to go to sleep by her lonely self. Fate later on does manage to make it home and finds Nanoha sleeping in Fate’s uniform.

Seasons (Anthology)
This is a bundle of several one-shots (a few are also longer than a single chapter) by Takemiya Jin.

Tandem lover (Anthology)
The different chapters of this series all involve different pairs at a Tandemine piloting school.

Twin Cake (Series)
By chance Ousaka Kaede becomes the manger of the celebrity she has always admired, Susuran, despite not having any experience as a manager at all.

Cirque Arachne (Series)
This is much like Kaleido Star, but with overt yuri.
Teti has just joined Cirque Arachne and is entranced by Charlotte’s performances, who has now become one of her co-stars.

Romance Girls File (Series, Ongoing)
An ongoing series by Morishima Akiko. That alone is surely enough for anyone to know you wanna read this already, but I’ll give a quick summary anyways…
A young adult lesbian couple encounters a heartbroken high school girl in the rain and as the veterans they are, they decide to assist with the girl’s struggles in lesbian romance.
By the way, the 3 chapters that are out so far seem to pretty much resolve all presented plot issues already (if I didn’t check first, I wouldn’t have guessed this is an ongoing series), so you won’t feel like you’re kept hanging with a cliffhanger or something when you finish the third chapter.

And last, but not least; of the ongoing manga that have been recommended in this topic, the following have been completed already:
Sorairo Girlfriend
All You
Hoshikawa Ginza District 4
Sasameki Koto
The Flower and the Star
Notes from the Garden of Lilies
Wife and Wife

Contribution by Kaiki from here on out as Peppah has disappeared off the face of the Earth.

Yuricam Yurika no Campus Life – Completed, not fully scanlated yet


Some not-yet-lesbian with no money is really good at yuri things so she sells herself. There’s going to be some romance in the future, probably.
Great art, some funny moments and panels, otherwise really not that good. Some may even call it offensive.

Yuri Mekuru Hibi – ongoing


Gag manga about two girls in love. One of them is all ordinary while the other one is one of those ojou-samas.

The Feelings We All Must Endure – Completed, not fully scanlated yet


Kind of angsty story about a group of girls and their relations and experiments. It’s really good.

Shinozaki-san Ki wo Ota Shika ni! – ongoing


Shinozaki hates otakus but falls for an otaku girl, so she tries her best to transform her into a normal girl. Really funny manga with tons of jokes about otaku culture.

Rui-Rui – completed, not fully scanlated yet


A group of girls visits old ruins to appreciate the beauty of the past or something. The main character doesn’t see anything in them and only joined because of the girl she’s interested in.

Riko to Haru to Onsen to Iruka – completed, not fully translated yet


Beatyfull city girl has to move to the countryside where she finds her childhood friend.

Rock it, GiRL!! – ongoing


Socially awkward girl gets invited into an all-female rock group only to find herself bullied by the lead singer.

Manga no Tsukurikata – completed, not fully scanlated yet


Mangaka wants to write a yuri manga so she agrees to date her coworker.

Witch Meets Knight – mangaupdate doesn’t know if it’s completed


Episodic comedy manga about two girls.

Konohanatei Kitan – on hiatus


It’s on hiatus so I don’t know if it’s actually yuri or just a friends kinda deal but there is at least one yuri couple. Either way, it’s pretty cute even if there are fucking fox ears fucking everywhere.

The Real Her – most likely ongoing


Sweet love story between a sadist and a masochist.

Gurenki – on hiatus


Random highschool girl appearently is the property of some demon. Everyone that’s read it probably agrees that they enjoyed it more than they should’ve.

Himawari-san – ongoing


Slow paced SOL about a girl that finds reading boring but still visits the libary every day.It’s a yuri manga so the reasons should be obvious.

Game – completed, not fully scanlated


It’s a three chapter story about a girl that looks like some anime girl. That leads a female otaku to some questionable behavior. Two chapters are translated up to now and the second one ends with Cliffhanger 3000.

Fragtime – ongoing


Socially awkward girl suddenly knows how to stop time cause it’s socially awkward. While looking at the panties of a fellow high school girl she realizes that said girl isn’t effected by her power. Really good manga with an interesting story.

Collectors – ongoing


4koma with an adult, bickering couple as leads. One collects books, one collects clothes and both don’t understand why the other one would collect that stuff.

Chouchou Nannan – mangaupdates doesn’t know


4 friends come together in order to form a love polygon. Thought I would hate it because of the whole love poligon but Takemija Jin wrote it so it’s obviously really good.
The scanlation got picked up pretty recently so it’s probably still ongoing.

Betsukiss – ongoing


Family takes in stray vampire. Turns out vampires don’t care what body fluid they drink.

Ayame to Amane – ongoing


Webcomic with two pages long, episodic chapters. One girl loves another girl so she tries to makes advances and fails pretty much every time.

Youkai Gakuenki – fully scanlated


4koma about a group of elementary school girls. Incidentally, they’re monsers too. Still, they’re elementary school girls so don’t expect too much romance.

Yamanko! – fully scanlated


Three slightly spiritual girls get together and enjoy themselves some slices of life.

Transistor Venus – fully scanlated


Venus is an agent with the power that nobody near her can die. The yuri is more fanservice than anything but it’s still a pretty fun read.

Shoujo Seiiki – https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=57520
Otome Saku – https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=85588
Hajimete Koi o Shita – https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=45729
Those are all fully scanlated yuri hentai by Asagi Ryuu. I think the best thing about them was the credits page that said ‘Papaya Scans proudly presents Wet Girl Porn’. They are rated okay on MAL and Mangaupdates though so I guess I’ll just list them here. The mangas are supposed to be ‘sweet and smutty love stories’ but that’s pretty ridiculous.

Kurenai Mugen – https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=95792
Earth Girls – https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=105373
Umi to Anata to Taiyou to – https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=111571
Those are yuri hentai by Mira and they actually are sweet and smutty love stories. Earth girls features a prehestoric yuri harem and Umi to Anata to Taiyou is one of the best yuri mangas i’ve ever read.

Shitsuji Shoujo to Ojousama – fully scanlated


Cuty love story between servent and master. When the servent gets drunk, magic happens.

Otome x Ranbu – fully scanlated


Girl with amnesia meets girl of her past.

Nijipuri – fully scanlated


After confessing to her senpai, Mihane graduates into the same school as her.

Mousou Honey – fully translated


High school yuri romance by the author of Gakujou Drops.

Momo to Botan to Yuri no Hana – fully scanlated


Comedic romance set in a Maid Cafe.

Marriage Black – fully scanlated


Kinda dark romance with arranged marriages and guns.

Kotonoha no Miko to Kotodama no Mahou to – fully scanlated


A german witch visits a japanese shrine and finds a trapped shrine maiden.

Kamisama bakari Koi wo Suru – fully scanlated


A matchmaking god tries to spread the love.

Iono-sama Fanatics – fully scanlated


The queen of the country that’s actually worlds biggest yuri harem visits Japan because she wants concubines with black hair.

Honey★Quartet – fully scanlated


Your typical high school yuri manga but with ninjas.

Ameiro Kouchakan Kandan – fully translated


Slice of life comedy set in a tea house.

Girlish Sweet – fully translated


Anthology by Takamiya Jin.

Banana no Nana – fully translated


Pretty silly yuri adcenture with a rushed ending. Still, the chapters were good fun and there is at least one sex scene involving bananas.

Yukemuri Sanctuary – fully translated


Collection of interlinked short stories about the romantic endeavors at the Hot Spring.

Akuma no Riddle – ongoing


Azuma gets asigned to a highschool class with the mission to kill a target – as is everybody else in that class besides the target itself. After taking an interest in the target, Azuma desides to protect her.
The scanlations haven’t cought up with the anime yet,though.

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    What’s the name of the manga from were you got the top banner image?


  7. automaticimperfection says:

    How dare you…I’ve been watching yuri non-stop ( Inugama-san to Nekoyama-san <3, Akuma no riddle and Sakura trick ) I finished the manga for those too and now I'm reading every manga I didn't know ( not too many fortunately ) This site is AMAZING,thank you for listing such amazing titles. ___ You've made an otaku gay girl very happy now that she is in pain due to wisdom tooth being removed…by otaku gay girl I mean me of course.


  8. chrisnier says:

    i would recommend himegami and tetragrammaton labyrinth (although it’s pity just a little shoujo ai) or flower flower and gurenki (this two was discontinued. damn)


  9. Kris says:

    I’m trying to remember this one yuri manga this girl in in some sort of accident and she was in high school but after the accident she’s at home but she can’t remember anything after middle school. And I she has a girlfriend in high school she comes to visit her and she has to teach her how to use her cell phone because she didn’t know how to use one until high school then she sees a picture on her phone if the two of them and she yells I’m not your girlfriend she has amnesia


  10. Kris says:

    I remembered it it’s called blank http://v2012.mangapark.com/manga/yuri-hime-collection-1/v15/c2/3-1 you can read it here. =) so many good mangas out there


  11. Kris says:

    I’m trying to remember the name of this manga this girl is really good at drawing at the beginning of the manga she’s sketching a still life model of a fruit bowl and she gets hungry and ends up eating the apples. Her friend laughs at that and her friend asks her to do her portrait. She says she’s gonna give it to the person she loves. This sempai has been after her and the artist thinks the drawings are gonna be for her but I. The end her friend was gonna go on a date on the sempais birthday then the artist realizes her friend is in love with her the sempai sees the artist kiss her friend and she shriga and leaves. The artist says I’m gonna draw you nude next. What’s the name of this manga?????


  12. Kaiki says:

    Yo. After searching every part of the English speaking Internet possible, I found like 10 yuri mangas that aren’t on here yet.Tell me if you want a list or something, I guess.


  13. george says:

    i read a yuri manga awhile back and have been looking all over for the title so i can read it again. i dont remember names but i remember the main girl is younger the older one is a mangaka that lives above a laundromat with her brother. the brother gets a job away from them at a spa and they move in together. there is nudity in the manga. if anyone knows plz for the love of all things holy tell me ive been dying inside to read this again it had such a beautiful plot. ps. i am a guy and i prefer yuri manga because women authors put more of the romantic feeling into their mangas than what males do. i dunno its hard for me to describe besides read a yuri romance manga by a guy and read one by a woman and u can clearly tell the difference lol.


  14. Ash says:

    Have you ever heard of this manga? I don’t remember the name but it was about a store clerk or something who really wants to get married but her boyfriend breaks up with her. Later, it’s discovered that the boyfriend was actually a MtF transgender but the girl still wants a relationship with the guy (girl). I’ve been looking for this manga for a long time!


  15. splitpersons says:

    Sarah: I belive I died and this site is the Yuri afterlife


  16. Kris says:

    Ok see if you remember this title. The girl is seen as a prince but she is actually really girly on the inside and she likes cute things. She got a girlfriend and is really happy cuz she’s cute. Her girlfriend asked how they first meet but she can’t remember. They meet at a sports festival and the prince was taking her to the nurse cuz she hurt herself and the cute girl said I’m sorry to take you away from the festival but the prince said Ya okay because she isn’t very good at sports anyway. They end up having sex I. Te nurses office. And te cute girlfriend reveals to the prince that she changed how she looked because she wanted to be cute for her because she likes cute things ad the prince says you were always cute

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Usagi says:

    I’ve read this one manga in which two girls are always mistaken for a boy and a little girl, people think that they are a brother and his little sister. It’s cute and funny, but I don’t remember the name… Maybe somebody would remember?


  18. Kris says:

    I can’t remember the name of this one where there’s a village of all girls and the leader has a lot of wife’s and by the end all her wife’s end up getting together with each other I even have. A picture but I can’t remember the title


  19. http://hagino.twbeta.com/the-list-of-yuri-comic/

    Maybe you will also wanna check the manga list on my wordpress. It is a list about all manga were ever released by yamibo and others. Unluckily, the list is written by Japanese and Chinese. I don’t know whether google translation can help you or not to read it.


  20. iwannaeatcuties says:

    Hello :3 I hope you’ll add Fluttering Feelings by ssamba (and other manhwas). Its a great series and still ongoing. Im sure alot of people will be/ probably are already hooked on it.

    Liked by 1 person

  21. Riger says:

    I’m looking for a manga I read years back. It’s about a rich girl who lives with her girlfriend. her family starts pressuring her because her brother vanished. It all ends well when the brother comes back with his boyfriend. She marries the boyfriend, and her girlfriend marries the brother… Then they all live together.


  22. Alex says:

    I’m looking for a manga with a boy and girl who has amnesia. A scene I remember is they’re in a supermarket, and she forgets who he is, and doesn’t know why he’s so close to her. She start to freak out, and cause a bit of a scene. I’m pretty sure they were around high school age.


  23. tobor a ton says:

    i think you’re missing the NSFW tag on Chirality


  24. JLH says:

    Hmmm… What about Honey Crush?


  25. SayuriCero says:

    I agree with you on Octave, it is the best Yuri manga out there nothing can top it

    Liked by 1 person

  26. JustDiscoveredYuri says:

    What about Love / Death. A yandere yuri manga. Strangely addicting


  27. JustDiscoveredYuri says:

    ;_; Then i will cry and wait patiently for their next chapters.


  28. JustDiscoveredYuri says:

    WOHO the real her got an update \o/

    Liked by 1 person

  29. malak says:

    anyone who know’s the manga idk the name i forgot it but its about a highschool girl who is inlove with her childhood friend and there in freshman year and so a new teacher a women pats her on the head when she suddenly bumps into her on the way and her friend seems to get jealious thinking shes hers like she gives her the look or whatever and then like a few chapter later the friend that was jealious becomes friends with that sensei after telling her that if its ok falling inlove witha girl or whatever. and then the other friend sees them talking and laughing together(teasing) and she starts getting worried that she might start liking theteacher or whatever and after they apart from each other when they reach home theyuse to kiss each other or a peck onthe lips orthe cheek idk


  30. Emily says:

    Hey does anyone know of a manga I read a few years ago? It’s about how this girl got into an all girls school and when she entered a lot of girls liked her. Then one night she was walking around and she stumbled upon an orgy. She watched and then she participated in it. It was really hot to read.


  31. Wow. so many yuri manga i haven’t seen for a long time. now i move to lesbian films , there some movie base on manga such as maria saga miteru, kakera……. it’s hot.


  32. Rouru says:

    Can someone tell me the title of a one shot manga about two adults, the other one is getting married. As they go to their old apartment, one has stumbled upon a marriage contract. Their marriage contract. And then as they got to the train station, they bid their last goodbye. It’s a sad manga and I remember it has won an award. Can someone tell me the title? I wanna read it again. Thanks!


  33. LeahDrey says:

    Citrus is good too

    Liked by 1 person

  34. mangaonline says:

    Hey guys, what’s up? There is a manga name “what does the fox say” its an very interesting manga to say the least. If you guys are interested check it out. By the way its read from left to right. alright Enjoy.



  35. Ale says:

    Hey guys, i know this may be a really reaaaaaaally long shot but… a few years ago i read what i think it was a one-shot manga, the only detail i can remember is that they where 2 friends in the room of one of them, and then one declared her lover to the other saying something like “we can no longer be friends because i love you” (yeah and is not nanaxhitomi manga or one-shot xD)
    i can’t remember the name and it’s killing me, i wanna read it again so badly.
    If anyone can help i would really apreciate.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Several one-shots I read that used that line but I sadly cannot remember titles.


      • Ale says:

        Yeah i knew it was a really long shot, in the meantime im downloading every yuri one-shot and manga (been out of the anime-manga world for a few years) i come across with and im reading it, also checking if i can find that one… finished Octave today, loved it!
        Thank you for your quick reply :’D

        Liked by 1 person

      • OG-Man says:

        I’m not as good at tracking yuri manga as I am yuri content in anime and games. Glad you enjoyed Octave and hope you succeed in collecting as many one-shots as you can.


  36. This is one amazing list! I was looking for more Yuri Manga to read. I read Citrus not to long ago and loved it. Then I went on the hunt for yuri manga/anime an it brought me here. 🙂


  37. NaruHina says:

    Hey OG-Man or anyone who can answer my question. Recently I saw some manga are being licensed by Lezhin, which is treating sites like Dynasty Reader with lawsuits if they distribute the licensed contents. Well I know they have to make their money so the writer can make a daily living and generate resource to produce new contents and I fully respect that but to simplify my question I needed to say all that. What I want to know is “Would the licensed manga ever be available free to us online sometime in the future?” I’m a bit of a flat footer but I still want to enjoy a good series no matter how long I have to wait.


    • OG-Man says:

      Most of the ones where you can legally read manga online require paying monthly fees or, like Lezhin, the coin system. I’m not familiar with sites that allow readers to check out manga for free…legally.


    • Brian says:

      I’ve seen a few that have a disclaimer specifically referring to lezhin and that it was officially allowed to be free to read. Can’t remember where though, unfortunately.


  38. Hi_Im_Nathan says:

    Keep talking about it being out of date. Incredible job regardless and thank you for the titles. I thought nothing could beat Girlfriends but apparently I was wrong. I decided to pick up Octave because of you and because it was already on my list. The feeling that manga gave was just…..way too unique compared to all the others I’ve read in my opinion. Anyways, any plans on updating the list?


  39. Please Notice Me Senpai!!!!!!! says:

    Hey OG-man… So am I have a problem… so I probably watch all the popular yuri anime there is. so I started on the shows that focus less on the relationship but when I watch the show I get like to 5 to 6 episode and then I realize that I don’t like. So I was hoping you can recommend 5 of your favorites show (not so focus on yuri) to me… I dying of buzzkill, HELP ME … Please notice me Senpai! Thank you! 😀


  40. jess says:

    Hey OG-Man! What is your nickname? I want Poor Poor Lips…but I can’t unlock it 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  41. YuriTrash says:

    Have you ever heard of The Daily Witch, Pulse, The Love Doctor, and Vengeance? If not then I really reccomend them, plus they’re all on Lezhin. Also Magan he Dani is a really cute comedy that isn’t on Lezhin but deserves to be mentioned

    Liked by 1 person

  42. Jonah says:

    Has anyone read the webcomic “always human”? Super sweet sci-fi-ish lesbian romance with about as much drama as wife and wife had. It’s ongoing, but it’s super sweet and if you’re going for no angst then I would recommend it. It’s on LINE webtoon so it’s not difficult to find.

    Liked by 1 person

  43. Anna says:

    Beloved is a Yuri manga about a doctor and a high schooler. The artwork is beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

  44. axelnoritz says:

    This is so beautiful… Im gonna cry thanks!!! You are awesomeee!!!!


  45. EmptyBarrel says:

    This is awesome. You are awesome!!!
    But seriusly tho, this list help me find tons of great yuri manga and the description is just wonderful!!

    Liked by 1 person

  46. Pingback: O mundo yuri – “Bem vinda ao lar” – OtomeGatari

  47. Ray says:

    Just wanted to let you know that Seifuku no Vampiress Lord is a new yuri manga that’s being translated. So far it’s pretty good. I recommend any yuri enthusiast give it a try.


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