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Filler Post: Lesbian Grasslands (Special Thanks to @widhoemaker)

A recent tweet train showed me a very important yuri discovery. That being lesbians enjoy chillaxing together looking up at the skies while holding hands or embracing their loved ones. Thanks to the tweet I shall now share a slew … Continue reading

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YMC #87: Iono the Fanatics (by Your Average Joe)

My 12th Manga Review: Iono the Fanatics Genres: Comedy, Drama, Harem, Polyamory, Romance, Science babies, Yuri Length: 12 chapters + prologue and omake By: Fujieda Miyabi

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324th G-View: Hinako Note

Here we are again looking at another Girls Club show, this time with a theater/play motif. Let us find out if it is worthy of being part of Girls Club aficionados’ collections as we check out Hinako Note.

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323rd G-View: Frame Arms Girl

While I know that the concept of an anime about a boy/girl and their living female action figures is not new as it has been done before a couple of times like Rozen Maiden and Busou Shinki, this is the … Continue reading

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Mermaid Splash! Passion Festival Yuri Visual Novel

Looking to go on an underwater adventure and join an adorable mermaid on her journey to find a fun hobby that can stick and love with one of four other adorable sea creatures? Then Mermaid Splash! Passion Festival by Sofdelux … Continue reading

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