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Fly Me To The Stars: NozoEli Style

@Loli_Tsubasa made a delightful discovery. The Revue Starlight ED but with Nozomi X Eli from Love Live’s μ’s. My best guess is this is the Junna X Banana version. Special thanks to nyet Blue for making the video.

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Yuri Talk: The 18 “Teko” Commandments (Translated by OG)

So Wammy, host of Wammy Radio, tweeted me a video but because he didn’t speak Spanish was unable to fully comprehend the topic. I volunteered to translate the “18 Commandments” to the best of my Spanish to English knowledge. WARNING! … Continue reading

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Yuri Talk: Kunihiko Ikuhara (By Rantasmo)

While I enjoyed Yuri Kuma Arashi and somehow managed to review it I did need help from more knowledgeable Nation members and more avid fans who speak “Ikuharan”. I still don’t like Mawaru Pengundrum even though I kinda gave it … Continue reading

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G-View of a Review: DaS Madoka Review

Well, this was an interesting request. How they found me and knew about what I do is anyone’s guess but hey, they kindly asked me to review their first anime video review, which is the revolutionary Puella Magi Madoka Magica…so … Continue reading

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