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313th G-View: Vivid Strike!

I imagine this spinoff exists to see whether there is still interest in the Nanoha Vivid series. That or serve as an appetizer for the second season of NV, should there ever be one. Whatever the case let us see … Continue reading

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Vivid Strike! Episode 2: Fuka’s Training Regimen

The first episode’s reactions ranged from “This should be fun” to “I WANT VIVID SEASON 2, DAMN IT!” or a mix of both.

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Vivid Strike! Episode 1: New and Newer Faces Unite

The very intriguing Nanoha spin-off show’s premiere is finally here. Let’s find out what’s in store for fans from now on.

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Vivid Strike! Trailer

Woke up this morning and fans were sending me trailers to this much talked about show in the Nanoha community. We finally have an idea about what to expect from Vivid Strike so let’s take a look.

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OG’s Fall 2016 Anime Picks

This post which I wrote months ago is here to remind fans that I’ll be going on vacation from October 10th to November 8th. Around that time I’ll more than likely not post anything but know that upon my return … Continue reading

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