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Alluna & Brie Now Available

It’s really cool how games like this exist, especially when they have more yuri routes than otome ones. Let’s take a look at what can be initially described as “Australian Persona” in Alluna & Brie, by Lached Up Games.

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Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Coming to the West in Summer 2019

I shouldn’t be surprised the Meduka Meguca mobile game is coming to the West but there you go. It’s convenient as the game is getting an anime later this year.

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Nurse Love Syndrome Now Available

The wait for the Nurse Love Syndrome Remaster (I called it a port at first but it is indeed the same game as NLS RE;Therapy) is over! Oh. I forgot to mention this is the predecessor to Nurse Love Addiction. … Continue reading

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OG’s Hype Catch Up Post

I HAVE RETURNED! Vacation was okay. Mostly health check ups (Gotta exercise more of course.) and visiting a sick relative (Hopefully he’ll be okay). There were ultimately two days I have super fun with but I already knew it wasn’t … Continue reading

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National Park Girls Release Date Announced

Many things (from boats to monuments) have been characterized as cute and sexy girls so why not have the Spirits of National American parks follow suit? That’s what Studio Coattails did in their second upcoming project, National Park Girls, published … Continue reading

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