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Mystics of Sapphia Kickstarter

This latest Kickstarter project looks like an easy one to help get funded. Let’s find out if there’s enough interest to get it done as we check out Mystics of Sapphia by Luscious Spirit Studios.

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Lucy Got Problems Now Available on JAST USA

Here’s another ecchi yuri VN for the interested to enjoy. It’s Flat Chest Dev‘s Lucy Got Problems.

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Is The Order a Rabbit? 2019 OVA and 3rd Season Announced

The cute, sexy and gay coffee bunny girls are set to return once again. After the delightful special OVA Dear My Sister many fans hoped that wasn’t the last we would see of this wonderful cast in animated form. Well, … Continue reading

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Destiny Chronicles Kickstarter (Take Two)

Almost a year ago a Kickstarter project was launched for a promising 3D action game called Destiny Chronicles. Unfortunately it was not doing well and the developers felt it needed some more sprucing up so it was back to the … Continue reading

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Chronotopia: Second Skin Kickstarter

A darker take on a familiar fairytale featuring two yuri routes (and otome for the interested) is what Träumendes Mädchen have in store should all go well in their Kickstarter campaign for Chronotopia: Second Skin.

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