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387th G-View: Maerchen Maedchen

This show had quite the bumpy journey reaching its conclusion. Long story short it was revealed the staff were being horribly mistreated during production to the point that the animation quality in later episodes got worse and the pacing felt … Continue reading

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365th G-View: Harukana Receive

In 2016 an anime aired that forever changed my life. I am of course referring to KEIJO!!!!!!!! While not for everyone it brought great joy to my life. So much so I deemed it one of my favorite anime of … Continue reading

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The 2017 Yuri Anime Awards + Clash of Lilies Finals (Closed)

Better late than never. I had a busy couple of months and by the time I had more free time I had lost the drive to write posts…until now. It’s time to finish what we started and get to the … Continue reading

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Clash of Lilies 2017 Yuri Tournament Round 1 (Closed)

All I can say is better late than never. Apologies for taking so long but here it is at last. The annual yuri tournament to determine the very best in the anime world. Voting ended on February 12th WARNING! This … Continue reading

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343rd and 344th Double Slammy: Long Riders! + Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club

It has been a long time since I posted a double review. To commemorate the return of this review style of mine we will be taking a look at two “Cycling Girls” themed anime that aired back to back. Not … Continue reading

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