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Yuri Talk: The Idolm@ster – Shipping Haruka X Chihaya (By Kai)

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Dat subtext Note: Major spoilers in this post. Episode 4, 11 and 20 will be heavily referenced. Idolmaster is an anime I desperately needed a rewatch of. I watched it at a time when I’m still…

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Mei Takes Yuzu for a Walk

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And they’re Cinderella Girls. Another request taken from /u/’s drawthread.

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266th G-View: The Idolm@ster Movie

Last but not least in what I call the “Idolm@ster Week” is the premiere film and I assume big sendoff for the OG (Original Gangstas). Was it one worthy of this supergroup? Let’s find out as we take a look … Continue reading

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265th G-View: The Idolm@ster: Cinderella Girls

In this review I will be referencing The Idolm@ster to show the similarities they share on the surface rather than comparing them to see which one is better because it is better to see the show as a separate entity … Continue reading

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264th G-View: The Idolm@ster

This was a long time coming but at last I am talking about what is considered the definitive idol anime, which I will explain what that means as we take a look at 2011’s The Idolm@ster.

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