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356th G-View: Takunomi.

This show immediately caught my interest when I read the plot description that is best summed up as “An anime about beautiful women drinking”. Find out what exactly that entails as we take a look at Takunomi.

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Slow Colors Beer Episode 6: Adorable Lesbian Salad

Been a while since we talked about Takunomi. but this week’s episode was one worthy of discussion. Let’s first briefly go over Colors as it’s the quickest one to talk about.

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Slow Colors Beer Episode 2: Crazy Antics

It’s once again time to talk about Mitsuboshi Colors and Slow Start but because another anime I’d eagerly anticipated premiered this week I’ll also be talking about that it. That anime is Takunomi. aka that show about sexy women drinking … Continue reading

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OG’s Winter 2018 Anime Picks

As usual I announce my anime picks one month before the end of the previous season. Also as usual other shows can be included based on fans and Yuri Council members’ reactions. My coverage of shows can change based on … Continue reading

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