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Lilycle Rainbow Stage!! Review

(Note: Review code provided by Mangagamer) What do you get when you mix A Kiss for the Petals (Specifically Hanahira) and Kindred Spirits on the Roof while toning down the drama a bit? Well something like Lilycle Rainbow Stage!!, developed … Continue reading

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The Expression Amrilato Now Available

The time has come for Western Yuri fans to learn a some Esperanto and enjoy another lovely visual novel in The Expression Amrilato.

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Crystar Coming to the West

Well this was a surprise announcement. I got a surprise newsletter from Spike Chunsoft introducing the cast of Crystar! This is something they announced in March. Crystar is coming to PS4 and Steam August 2019.

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Alluna & Brie Now Available

It’s really cool how games like this exist, especially when they have more yuri routes than otome ones. Let’s take a look at what can be initially described as “Australian Persona” in Alluna & Brie, by Lached Up Games.

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Nurse Love Syndrome Now Available

The wait for the Nurse Love Syndrome Remaster (I called it a port at first but it is indeed the same game as NLS RE;Therapy) is over! Oh. I forgot to mention this is the predecessor to Nurse Love Addiction. … Continue reading

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