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Mutiny!! Review (NSFW)

Sail the seas and stars alongside a crew of lovely monster girls in Lupiesoft‘s newest title, Mutiny!! Will the voyage be wonderfully naughty or one that will make peeps want to walk the plank? Let us find out. Note: Review … Continue reading

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Sakura Gamer Now Available for Purchase

Here we are again with another yuri visual novel by Winged Cloud, Sakura Gamer.

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Pale Spectrum: Part Two of The Book of Gray Magic Available Now

The long-awaited sequel to a personal favorite Visual Novel of mine, Brilliant Shadows: Part One of Book of Gray Magic NOTE: The story is obviously set after the events of Brilliant Shadows so it is highly recommended to have played … Continue reading

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Galaxy Girls Available for Purchase

Dharker Studios‘ latest 18+ Yuri game (their previous one was Negligee and Sword of Asumi featured Yuri routes) Galaxy Girls is now available for purchase on Nutaku, for pre-order on Mangagamer and coming very soon to Steam. WARNING! Links contain … Continue reading

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Ne No Kami Part 2 and The Last Birdling Now Available for Purchase

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