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SeaBed New Release Date Announced

Been a while since we heard anything major about this most intriguing of yuri VNs…until today. Fruitbat Factory have announced a definitive release date for SeaBed.

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Destiny Chronicles Kickstarter Update + Chaos Souls Available for Purchase

Update post regarding Visualnoveler/Wraithseeker’s Destiny Chronicles Kickstarter along with their newest title, Chaos Souls.

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Legends of Talia: Arcadia. Available for Purchase

Yup. It is yet another Winged Cloud yuri title. Three in a row as of the date of this writing. What makes this one different, according to WC, is that it’s a more serious tone than past titles (Yet still … Continue reading

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Blackberry Honey Now Available for Purchase

The wait is over Nation. Ebi-Hime‘s first ever adult Visual (Kinetic to be exact) Novel about Yuri maids is here. Blackberry Honey!

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Nights of Azure 2 Now Available For Purchase in the West

The wait for US fans and Steam users has come to an end though EU PS4/Switch owners will have to wait a bit longer.

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