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323rd G-View: Frame Arms Girl

While I know that the concept of an anime about a boy/girl and their living female action figures is not new as it has been done before a couple of times like Rozen Maiden and Busou Shinki, this is the … Continue reading

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Yuri Quickie: Another AKB48 McDonald’s Commercial

In 2016 we got a most interesting Japanese McDonald’s Commercial featuring AKB48 idols. Well the chipper trainee and her dear McDonald’s-Senpai are back and still as gay as they were last time. Hopefully next year there will be a third … Continue reading

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320th G-View: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

This show has settled a long debate about Kyoto Animation in regards to how they handle yuri in their shows. Contrary to popular recent disbelief, KyoAni is not anti-yuri. In fact, this anime showed us once and for all that … Continue reading

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317th G-View: Nyanko Days

This show…this show…THIS SHOW! Nyanko Days.

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314th G-View: Mahou Tsukai PreCure!

Pretty Cure meets Harry Potter would be the best way to describe the 13th entry in the franchise. Question is whether the combination worked wonders or it was as horrid as Lord Voldemort’s freaky visage. Let us find out as … Continue reading

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