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Sailor Moon Crystal 4th Arc to be Presented in 2 Movies

A while back we talked about the announcement that Sailor Moon Crystal would be getting a 4th season, or rather the next arc,  the “Dead Moon” arc, would get animated. As part of Sailor Moon’s Birthday Celebration it was announced … Continue reading

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Sailor Moon Crystal Sequel Announced

The post title says it all. In celebration of the Sailor Moon franchise’s 25h anniversary a sequel to Sailor Moon Crystal had been announced. This announcement comes as no surprise. Thing is the sites I saw reported the news as … Continue reading

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12 Days of Anime Best of 2016 Day 6: Yuri OTP

Originally posted on The Reviewer's Corner:
? A few days ago I mentioned during Best Girl that two other candidates would appear. Well, by the picture it is probably obvious, but the Yuri OTP of the year goes to…

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296th G-View: Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3

Like last time this review was written by someone who has not read the original nor had any emotional attachment to the classic Sailor Moon anime series, someone who was interested in this reboot because it got to the point. … Continue reading

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Sailor Moon Crystal episode 38: Impending Doom

We’re at the home stretch of this arc peeps. Let’s see how the penultimate episode went down.

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