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378th G-View: Bloom Into You (TV)

Before the anime was announced I noticed a certain manga being mentioned here and there. At some point after I noticed this same manga lauded as one of the greatest of all time alongside the lemony soap. Fast forward to … Continue reading

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The Tower of Five Hearts Review (NSFW)

Note: Review code provided by Mangagamer. One beautiful princess, five cute and sexy maids, one bride among them. Which one will the intrigued choose? Also is the tower worth visiting? That is what I am here for, to help guide … Continue reading

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FLOWERS -Le Volume sur Été- Review

Review Code provided by Jast USA and Meru. When it was announced nearly three years ago as of this writing that FLOWERS -Le Volume sur Printemps- would be localized in the West there was much rejoicing. Fast forward to 2018 … Continue reading

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359th G-View: Tachibanakan Triangle

Before we begin let us get the obvious out of the way. Yes, each episode is only three minutes long (not counting the ED). Yes, that is too short for a show like this. Yes, the short length does make … Continue reading

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357th G-View: Kase-San OVA

The wait was a long one for this highly anticipated OVA to both come out and get subbed. For the lucky few who got to witness this animated feature live or the luckier few who know how to search or … Continue reading

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