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357th G-View: Kase-San OVA

The wait was a long one for this highly anticipated OVA to both come out and get subbed. For the lucky few who got to witness this animated feature live or the luckier few who know how to search or … Continue reading

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Is The Order a Rabbit? Dear My Sister

The long awaited English subs of this highly anticipated special/OVA have finally come out. Let’s check it out.

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Yuru Yuri 10th Anniversary OVA Announced

To commemorate the series’ 10th anniversary a special OVA was announced. No release date yet. A new "YuruYuri" OVA has been announced https://t.co/2skPPnUgye pic.twitter.com/K7U3ZdOSZq — moetron | pKjd (@pKjd) April 22, 2018

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Kase-san OVA Trailer

Oh yes ladies and gentlemen. This is a momentous occasion. The Kase-san anime Twitter page launched a trailer featuring for the very first time Kase-san and Yamada speaking! BEHOLD!   As a reminder Kase-san is voiced by Ayane Sakura and Yamada … Continue reading

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Kase-san OVA Release Date Announced

We have a Kase-san OVA update! Mark the date on your calendars doods!

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