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Kase-san Anime Project Update

The long awaited update to the Kase-san anime project has arrived. Good news? We have a premiere date. Early Summer 2018. The not-so good news? It’s an OVA. Let’s hope it’ll AT LEAST be 40-50 minutes. If we’re not getting … Continue reading

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Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid OVA: Valentine Onsen

A Valentine’s Day and onsen segment in one episode. HYPE!

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BanG Dream OVA: Seaside Poppin’

I initially thought there wasn’t much to discuss regarding the BanG Dream OVA. It’s more of what fans like about the show but at the beach. Then I remembered something worth mentioning…

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Amanchu! OVA: Muppet Friends

It’s great seeing our scuba diving friends again doing what they do best. In this bonus OVA we had some special guests visiting Teko.

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New Game! OVA: Icy-Hot Onsen

The bonus OVA has finally been subbed. Let us relish the sexiness, shall we?

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