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Super Neptunia RPG Coming This Fall

The game formerly known as Brave Neptunia has a new name and release date. Look forward to the latest Neptunia spinoff title in Super Neptunia RPG.

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Marvelous Games Announces Four Titles Coming to the West

Today Marvelous Games announced four upcoming titles for the West on the PS4, PS Vita/TV, Nintendo Switch and PC/Steam. Note that these announcements pertain to European and Australian releases but are still worth mentioning as their North American releases are … Continue reading

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Fear Effect Sedna Now Available for Purchase

Reminder for fans of the old Fear Effect games: This plays differently from the previous two titles but promises to stay true to their established tone and narrative. As far as when it takes place, think of it as a … Continue reading

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Fear Effect Sedna Release Date Announced

When last we spoke of Fear Effect Sedna was its Kickstarter. Now we’re back again to talk about the release date courtesy of Sushee and Forever Entertainment.   From Eurogamer: Sedna, from French developer Sushee and published by Square Enix … Continue reading

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Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star Review

Note: Review Copy was provided by Marvelous Games. This is a historic review for yours truly as it is the first ever “Musou” (Think Dynasty Warriors) style game I will be covering on the blog, and one from the Fate … Continue reading

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