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New Game!! (Double Plus) Episode 3: First Day Tumble and Supra Datoh 2

Another wonderful episode starring our lovably gay game devs.

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New Game!! (Double Plus) Episode 2: Competition Pressure

The premiere was red hot with lots of fun and uber gayness. It only felt right to remind viewers that it’s not all fun and games in the next episode.

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Filler Post: Lesbian Grasslands (Special Thanks to @widhoemaker)

A recent tweet train showed me a very important yuri discovery. That being lesbians enjoy chillaxing together looking up at the skies while holding hands or embracing their loved ones. Thanks to the tweet I shall now share a slew … Continue reading

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New Game!! (Double Plus) Episode 1: Return of The Yurirific Game Devs!

I call the show Double Plus because in the posters, if viewers pay close attention to the two exclamation marks there are two pluses underneath them, thus dubbed as Double Plus (or plus two) by yours truly. And with that … Continue reading

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OG’s Summer 2017 Anime Picks

It’s that time again where I announce the anime I’ll be watching from an upcoming season. As always the picks can change based on my mood and updates from fans and trusted associates. As readers will notice Summer 2017 will … Continue reading

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