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New Game! OVA: Icy-Hot Onsen

The bonus OVA has finally been subbed. Let us relish the sexiness, shall we?

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New Game!! 2nd Season Premiering This July

Can we switch the Spring lineup with the Summer one please? Finally get to talk about this announcement. A second season was more than inevitable. What was actually the topic of discussion for fans of the show to the point … Continue reading

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298th G-View: New Game!

An anime about cute and sexy office ladies working on making video games. It is like a nerd/geek’s dream come true. But is it worth watching? Let us find out how good it was as we take a look at … Continue reading

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New Game! Episode 11: Game Hype Tension

With Fairies Fantasy 3’s planned release date fast approaching our heroines not only got a taste of a certain convention but also had to deal with a very familiar pressure.

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New Game! Episode 10: Labor Gator

While the actual episode subtitle was brought up during the conversation the episode itself was bout something else.

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