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321st G-View: BanG Dream!

A girl’s band show that takes some familiar steps seen in other similar shows. Question is what it did with the familiar tropes. Let us find out as we take a look at BanG Dream!

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304th G-View: Show By Rock!!#

So apparently that is how the second season’s title is written. Did not notice this before. Anyway this is my review of Show By Rock!!#, aka Show By Rock Season 2. Check out my review of the first season HERE.

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Love, Guitars and the Nashville Skyline Review

Note: A review copy was provided by Denpasoft The time has come to take a look at the second #YuriRoadTrip themed kinetic novel that came out (or was localized in this game’s case) in 2016. The big question is whether … Continue reading

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300th G-View: Love Live! Sunshine!!

I could not think of a better anime to review on my 3ooth edition of The G-Views that aired during the Summer 2016 season than the one I am about to right now. This is Love Live! Sunshine!! WARNING! This … Continue reading

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Yuri Talk: Why Aikatsu is awesome and why you should watch it (By Kai)

Note from OG: A good friend of mine and fellow Nation member King Kai had recently finished watching this show and since (as of this writing) I am currently busy watching “That other super huge idol show” I requested a … Continue reading

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