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Yuri Quickie: SSSS.Gridman

When it comes to mainstream sweetheart anime, specifically “sweethearts”, I rarely give in to the hype and join the party. It didn’t happen with C.C. (Code GEASS), Hestia (DanMachi) or 002 (FranXX). If spinoffs like Sword Oratoria or Gun Gale … Continue reading

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311th G-View: Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars

This is a Summer anime whose broadcast was postponed after the 4th episode till Fall to improve the quality of the show. The question is whether the final product is worth watching or not? That is what we will find … Continue reading

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278th G-View: Galaxy Fraulein Yuna (By The Yuri Canon)

Note from OG: Before Iono-Sama built a yuri kingdom there was another yuri harem mistress: “The Galactic Chick Magnet”, Yuna Kagurazaka. Well I’m back, I’ve been asked to write about some of the yuri series of old. Sort of A” … Continue reading

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Anaheim: Girl’s Love Story Review

I mentioned in a previous yuri video game review that as far as visual novels/eroge with a sci-fi theme, there are very few with yuri themes. The following is one of said few. This is Fan-Na’s Anaheim: Girl’s Love Story. … Continue reading

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252nd G-View Controversial Edition: Cross Ange

My initial disdain for the following anime’s first 5 episodes are well known amongst my fans and foes. Cross Trash was the title I gave the show for a while and I was convinced it would be a long time … Continue reading

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