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Criss Cross Star. English Manga on Amazon

Another product plug request. This time for a naughty but nice manga available for purchase on Amazon. It’s Criss Cross Star by Bill Cross and Robert Lovato. Plot Summary: The story center’s around a young woman named Alice who falls … Continue reading

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Citrus Plus Spinoff Manga Announced for Winter 2018

I rarely report manga news around here but I figured since it is inescapable I might as well talk about it too. Fans of the Citrus manga were aware the series finale hit stores the weekend of the writing of … Continue reading

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360th G-View: Comic Girls

A Girls Club anime about cute and sexy girls drawing manga is not unique as it has been done before in past anime like Mangirl and Doujin Work. However, there seemed to be a brighter aura being emanated from this … Continue reading

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Melody of Sorrow: The Cross Heart Sequel

A couple of years ago one Anakris gifted the Yuri Nation with a drama titled Cross Heart (Check out my review of it HERE) that was about the painful yet also hopeful love story of two adorable girls named Haru … Continue reading

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Yuri Talk: “From Outta Nowhere” Yuri Reveals (Spoiler Warning)

WARNING! This post will contain spoilers for several mainstream animated series, anime and one game. In most of the following series there will be a common trend.

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