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Fly Me To The Stars: NozoEli Style

@Loli_Tsubasa made a delightful discovery. The Revue Starlight ED but with Nozomi X Eli from Love Live’s μ’s. My best guess is this is the Junna X Banana version. Special thanks to nyet Blue for making the video.

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219th G-View: Love Live! 2

With the well deserved success of the first Love Live a second season was inevitable. How well did it fare compared to its impressive predecessor? Let’s find out as we take a look at the second season of Love Live! … Continue reading

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Love Live: School Idol Festival Released in English this Week

It happened earlier this week and the only reason I didn’t talk about sooner is because it’s for iOS and Android Smart Phones. I only use cell phones for making calls and checking the time. Basically the rhythm idol manager … Continue reading

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Life Lessons: Umbrellas Are Better than Engagement Rings

Readers can contribute to this fact by adding their own images of lovely couples saying their vows, on a rainy day, under their umbrellas.

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Yuri Couples Festival 2013

After several delays due to school and the Fall schedule having had promising couples, it is finally time to begin the voting for the yuri nation’s favorite couples per show. I’ll be missing some couples but the main reason is…I’m … Continue reading

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