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345th G-View: Love Live! Sunshine!! 2

Here we are looking at the second season of the second group in the Love Live! series of idol media. The first entry, while very enjoyable, did have its critics who felt they borrowed too much from their predecessors, which … Continue reading

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Love Live! Sunshine!! 2.11: Party Hard

We joined our heroines and the rest of their classmates preparing something extra special this episode.

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Love Live! Sunshine!! 2.10: Reach for the Stars

This next episode centered around the third years, one more so than the others.

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Love Live! Sunshine!! 2.9: Perfect Challenge. Part 2

When we last left The Perfect Imouto she had joined forces with Saint Snow’s Leah, aka her kindred spirit, to prepare a huge surprise for two ladies very dear to them. Let me put it this way, fans of the … Continue reading

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Love Live! Sunshine!! 2.8: The Perfect Challenge. Part 1

So I didn’t cover the weekend shows last time because I had a busy weekend and wasn’t up for any blogging. I’m ready now so let’s get to it!  

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