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Yuri Talk: OT3s

This kind of yuri shipping has been getting a lot more support lately and I figured now would be a good time to discuss this particular kind of ship in yuridom.

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Filler Post: Love Live!! Sunshine! Super Ultra Hyper Special Fantastic Movie

Why does this exist? I do not know but we should all be thankful it exists. Thanks to @JKaplanAW for finding a subbed video.

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Love Live! Sunshine!! 2 Coming This Fall

The Perfect Human Being along with the rest of her wonderful friends will be returning for an encore this Fall as it was announced during Aqours’ first major tour. Image Source I said this before during my coverage of the … Continue reading

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300th G-View: Love Live! Sunshine!!

I could not think of a better anime to review on my 3ooth edition of The G-Views that aired during the Summer 2016 season than the one I am about to right now. This is Love Live! Sunshine!! WARNING! This … Continue reading

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Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode 12: Return to the Holy Land

Last time You finally got her time in the spotlight to mixed results based on what side yuri fans were on what they wanted to see…basically business as usual for Sunshine.Oh and there was a Love Live qualifier performance. Let’s … Continue reading

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