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Life Lessons and Blog Update: Getting Swamped

I’m sure some fans are wondering where the other Halftime Heat posts are for other anime I’m covering and this post will hopefully explain thing.

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Life Lessons: The Value of Spoiler Warnings/Bans

This WAS a gibberish self reflection that I felt like typing to let out my thoughts. Do not take it as me being upset, just puzzled. UPDATE: I know very few people responded but it made me realize that my … Continue reading

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Life Lessons: Follow Your Heart

I had a feeling this day would come sooner or later. The day someone would call me out for doing what I do. The day someone would tell me “A guy running a yuri blog is disturbing/creepy/irksome etc.”. I had … Continue reading

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Life Lessons: Open My Online Eyes Wider

I am so sorry to everyone who used Yahoo Mail to contact me.

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Life Lessons: Is Blogging a Dying Art Form?

Recently Yumeka from Animeyume celebrated her 8th anniversary of aniblogging and shared her thoughts on an interesting subject about the state of blogging which can be read here. I found the subject interesting and figured I’d throw my own two … Continue reading

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