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Our Feelings Yuri Visual Novel Kickstarter

Whenever there’s a funding project (Kickstarter/Indiegogo/Kimochi/Prefundia etc.) for an interesting yuri project I’ll be there to cover it. This time we have Our Feelings by Vazurea Studio.

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Destiny Chronicles Kickstarter Update + Chaos Souls Available for Purchase

Update post regarding Visualnoveler/Wraithseeker’s Destiny Chronicles Kickstarter along with their newest title, Chaos Souls.

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Destiny Chronicles Kickstarter

This looks like a most interesting action RPG title. Let’s see what we got as we take a look at the Destiny Chronicles Kickstarter courtesy of Wraithseekerr from Visualnoveler.  

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Love, Tears & Sand Kickstarter (NSFW) Successfully Funded

We don’t often see yuri light novel Kickstarters around here, especially an “Age 18+” one but here we are with Love, Tears & Sand by Push Publication. Let’s check out what it’s all about. Update: It was funded! Check it … Continue reading

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The Stargazers Remastered Kickstarter (Cancelled)

I brought up the announcement by Lupiesoft regarding a remastered version The Stargazers in this VN Update post. Here we are now with a followup to that announcement, a Kickstarter campaign. Update: Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the company’s … Continue reading

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