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Victory Belles Kickstarter

Silly me for having overlooked this game. Due to there being recent titles taking place in an all-girls prison or tank girls opened my eyes but then I read “starring insert male name here” I walked away. Silly me for … Continue reading

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KanColle Movie Trailer

A sneak peek at who will be in the movie and one of the abyssal threats our favorite ship girls will have to face.

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Kantai Collection Animated Movie Announced For 2016

At the end of the KanColle anime it was revealed that there would be a continuation. Now fans know exactly what kind. KanColle the animated movie was announced for 2016. Stay tuned for a sneak peek at the trailer when … Continue reading

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240th G-View: Kantai Collection -KanColle-

Familiar concept of combining historical vehicles/crafts/figures of war with cute and sexy girls once more grace our monitors or Japanese TV screens in the latest entry of the concept known as Kantai Collection, aka KanColle. Keep in mind this review … Continue reading

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Kantai Collection Episode 11: War of Fate

The time for the big attack on what is believed to be a major Abyssal base is upon us. The fleet is in all-out attack mode. How will they prepare and will the assault be successful? Let’s find out.

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