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The Tail Makes The Fox Episode 1 Coming to Steam

So the fine folks over at Top Hat Studios contacted me to inform all you wonderful people that a game covered last year on the blog, Reine Works‘ The Tail Makes The Fox Episode 1, was on its way to … Continue reading

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Blackberry Honey Review

Note: Review Code Provided by Sekai Project. It is that time again where we take a look at Ebi-Hime‘s latest Yuri title about a romance between maids set in mid-19th century England. Not only that but this is her team’s … Continue reading

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Blackberry Honey Now Available for Purchase

The wait is over Nation. Ebi-Hime‘s first ever adult Visual (Kinetic to be exact) Novel about Yuri maids is here. Blackberry Honey!

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The Tail Makes the Fox Episode 1 Available for Purchase + Yuri Game Jam Title

This if the first episode in the Tails Makes the Fox story, part of the “The Seven Districts of Sin” series developed by Reine Works.

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Pale Spectrum: Part Two of The Book of Gray Magic Available Now

The long-awaited sequel to a personal favorite Visual Novel of mine, Brilliant Shadows: Part One of Book of Gray Magic NOTE: The story is obviously set after the events of Brilliant Shadows so it is highly recommended to have played … Continue reading

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