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370th G-View: Happy Sugar Life

This is the story of a lost soul having no idea what it meant to be in love or to be loved…until one day she found another soul so pure she found direction again. The question now is, have you … Continue reading

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364th G-View: Calamity of a Zombie Girl

This is why I am thankful to the Yuri Council. As my closest confidants they inform me of titles with potential I may have overlooked such as this ONA. Let us take a look at whether this little movie that … Continue reading

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362nd G-View: Magical Girl Site

WARNING! The following anime has some very gruesome scenes not suitable for all viewers. Some of it is slightly off-camera while others are shown in all their brutal and gory glory. There is a reason why readers of it deem … Continue reading

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327th G-View: Attack on Titan 2

I briefly posted a Yuri Quickie on the first season but did not really go into much detail on what I thought of the show. At first I planned on this being another Yuri Quickie but then I realized I … Continue reading

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Why this lesbian loves Corpse Party! (By The Yuri Canon)

Note from OG: In this latest yuri video game review post we have a very special guest post by a yuri icon, The Yuri Canon who will educate the yuri nation on why Corpse Party is a video game series … Continue reading

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