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364th G-View: Calamity of a Zombie Girl

This is why I am thankful to the Yuri Council. As my closest confidants they inform me of titles with potential I may have overlooked such as this ONA. Let us take a look at whether this little movie that … Continue reading

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362nd G-View: Magical Girl Site

WARNING! The following anime has some very gruesome scenes not suitable for all viewers. Some of it is slightly off-camera while others are shown in all their brutal and gory glory. There is a reason why readers of it deem … Continue reading

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327th G-View: Attack on Titan 2

I briefly posted a Yuri Quickie on the first season but did not really go into much detail on what I thought of the show. At first I planned on this being another Yuri Quickie but then I realized I … Continue reading

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Why this lesbian loves Corpse Party! (By The Yuri Canon)

Note from OG: In this latest yuri video game review post we have a very special guest post by a yuri icon, The Yuri Canon who will educate the yuri nation on why Corpse Party is a video game series … Continue reading

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259th G-View: Gakkou Gurashi

The next anime getting a review involves an unusual union of two completely different genres. The question is whether this union delivered a show worth watching or not. Let’s find out as we take a look at Gakkou Gurashi.

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