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Hinako Note Episode 3: The Fifth Member Debuts and Protecting Hinako’s Innocence

We learned this week that Hinako’s purity and innocence must be protected at all costs. Also the fifth member of the troupe made her debut.

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Hinako Note 2 + BanG Dream 12: Finding Your Way

Both episodes had straightforward plots this week so I figured instead of two short posts why not combine them.

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Hinako Note Episode 1: Kawaii Scarecrow

This is one of two shows I will most likely be covering weekly along with “-sin- Nanatsu no Taizai.” As far as the other shows on my watchlist go we’ll see what happens.

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OG’s Spring Anime 2017 Picks

Fans know the drill by now. I pick shows that intrigue me and will be covered on the blog. If there are other shows that grab my interest during the season I’ll cover them as well. Picks based on these … Continue reading

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