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Highway Blossoms Remastered Voiceover Preview and Estimated Release Date

I imagine a lot of peeps are looking forward to the Highway Blossoms Remastered update. The fine folks over at Alienworks have posted a sneak preview on Youtube.

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June 2017 Yuri VN Updates

I’ve gathered as many updates as I ran into. If there are others I missed, let me know in the comments.

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Highway Blossoms Review

Note: Review Copy provided by Alienworks. In 2015 there had been a resurgence of sorts when it came to yuri anime and games. During that time there were several titles from the Western and Eastern markets that brought great excitement … Continue reading

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Highway Blossoms Now Available for Purchase

A yuri fan can never have enough canon yuri in their lives.

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Preparing for a Yuri Road Trip: An Interview With Highway Blossoms Developer, J. Kaplan

Well. Here I am again helping the Yuri Nation get psyched up for another highly anticipated Yuri title. That being the #YuriRoadTrip, #YuriGoldRush, #YuriTruckers North American road trip themed yuri Kinetic Novel, Alienworks’ Highway Blossoms. Join me as I interview … Continue reading

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