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365th G-View: Harukana Receive

In 2016 an anime aired that forever changed my life. I am of course referring to KEIJO!!!!!!!! While not for everyone it brought great joy to my life. So much so I deemed it one of my favorite anime of … Continue reading

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Harukana Receive Episode 10: Big Time Finals. Part 1

The wait is over. The highly anticipated finals of the Nationals Qualifier tournament was here. It’s HaruKana vs The Hype Twins for all the marbles! LET’S GO!

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Harukana Receive Episode 9: Spicy Qualifier

The time had come for the National Qualifiers and our heroines had finished their training…off-screen, meaning we were denied the magical vision of a buff Hype Mama wearing a bikini. “Sobs”. Luckily we got a nice consolation prize.

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Harukana Receive Episode 8: The Hype Mama Cometh!

The Hype Twins greatly blessed us with their magnificence but as the show progressed there was more to get hyped for besides the gayness. This time we were blessed the eagerly anticipated return of the one and only Hype Mama! … Continue reading

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Akari (Harukana) Receive Episode 7: Hijacking the Show

The time has come for Escalator Girl to formally introduce herself and also try to hijack the show.

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