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The Tower of Five Hearts Review (NSFW)

Note: Review code provided by Mangagamer. One beautiful princess, five cute and sexy maids, one bride among them. Which one will the intrigued choose? Also is the tower worth visiting? That is what I am here for, to help guide … Continue reading

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Sugar & Massacre Kickstarter

Here’s an interesting sounding Visual Novel with an equally interesting premise. It is Sugar and Massacre. An 18+ Cyberpunk Fantasy Yuri VN from a team led by Eora. Featuring a cast of ladies of all shapes and sizes.

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355th G-View: Hakumei and Mikochi

A show starring little women living together who might as well be a married couple. That alone was enough to grab my attention. Question is whether it is worth checking out or not. Let us find out as we take … Continue reading

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Tales of Zestiria (PS4) Review

I finally have a chance to talk about a game entry in one of my favorite JRPG series, the Tales series. As far as popularity in the RPG communities go I would say it is like the “NJPW” to Final … Continue reading

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Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star Review

Note: Review Copy was provided by Marvelous Games. This is a historic review for yours truly as it is the first ever “Musou” (Think Dynasty Warriors) style game I will be covering on the blog, and one from the Fate … Continue reading

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