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308th G-View: Brave Witches

The Strike Witches had left their mark in the anime world and fans appreciated their contribution to the “Milimoe” genre. Now it is time for a new squadron to take the stage. Did they too make a strong impact? Let … Continue reading

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306th G-View: KEIJO!!!!!!!!

So we had groups of cute and sexy women (with some lesbians usually added to the mix) make an impact in several kinds of sports over the years including baseball, mahjong, ping pong, kendo, professional wrestling, mixed martial arts and … Continue reading

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302nd G-View: Ange Vierge

This next anime is best described as a “take it or leave it” kind of show. I will elaborate as best as I can in my Ange Vierge G-View.

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298th G-View: New Game!

An anime about cute and sexy office ladies working on making video games. It is like a nerd/geek’s dream come true. But is it worth watching? Let us find out how good it was as we take a look at … Continue reading

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Sakura Dungeon Review

Note: Review copy provided by Sekai Project. It has been a while since I last reviewed a game from Winged Cloud‘s ongoing Sakura franchise. The last time I had done so was Sakura Fantasy Chapter 1. Still waiting for Chapter … Continue reading

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