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Uma Musume -Pretty Derby- Episode 9: Separation Anxiety

In this episode our OTPs were split apart. How did they manage?

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Yuri Talk: A Place Further Than the Universe: GT (By Remyfool and a little bit by OG-Man)

I was kinda planning on my own YT talking about this subject but Remyfool did such a great job that I might as well share his article and call it a day. However, I will at least try to add … Continue reading

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Frosty Ramen Camp Episode 9: Two Out of Three

I think I’ll stop covering Koizumi-san. Not because it sucks, it’s still a solid show, but there not being much to say about each episode. The focus is on Koizumi-san and her love of ramen and that’s okay. The show … Continue reading

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Citrus Episode 9: Pink Ultimatum

We have come to the conclusion of the Pink Enigma Chapter/Arc/Saga.

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URAHARA Episode 9+10: Scooper Flashback

Didn’t have much to talk about last episode. This time however…

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