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Magical Girl Site Episode 11: Battle for a less Somber Future

The time has come for our heroines along with Shioi and Sarina to take the fight to the Admins. Let’s see how they did against the cheap bastards.

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Comic Girls Episode 11: Mangaka Reflections

The preview of the last episode showed a continuation of the “dorm is closing” subplot. We got that in this episode and a bit more.

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Uma Musume -Pretty Derby- Episode 11: Silent Force

Last time we saw Special Week make a triumphant return from a painful losing streak. In this episode it was the Open Special, meaning Silence Suzuka’s highly anticipated return to the track. How did she fare? Let’s find out.

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Hugtto! PreCure Episodes 6-16 Lightning Round

Felt like catching up with Hugtto! PreCure finally so I figured why not give my brief thoughts on episodes 6-16 just for kicks. This post will contain LOTS OF CLIFF NOTES up until episode 16.

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Yuri Talk: A Place Further Than the Universe: GT (By Remyfool and a little bit by OG-Man)

I was kinda planning on my own YT talking about this subject but Remyfool did such a great job that I might as well share his article and call it a day. However, I will at least try to add … Continue reading

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