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Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure: The Blue Cat Arc

As usual I got lazy and fell behind with my coverage of something. I kept a close eye on the latest season of PreCure and now would be a good time to get everyone caught up with the Twinkle Rangers. … Continue reading

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Akanesasu Shoujo 10+11: The Last Arc

While the episode formula changed a bit in the last arc one thing remained the same, Part 1 was the setup and Part 2 was where things got real. The only difference is this last arc is a 3-parter but … Continue reading

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Anima Yell! Episode 10: Gay Chair Training

I’m just gonna say it. This was the best episode by far. Plus it helped heal the pain that was Saturday, December 8th. That was a rough day.

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Release the Spyce Episode 10: Extra Spycy

Things got extra spycy this episode.

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The Muscle Maids Show Episode 10: Buff Onsen

Sadly we weren’t blessed with the sight of two gorgeous muscular women at the hot springs and Tsubame hardly got to show off her magnificent physique. There is stuff to talk about though.

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