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ENDRO~! Episode 6: Sick Ex Demon Lord

I’m pretty sure thousands of diehard Mao fans were either hospitalized or found “unconscious” on trains after watching this episode.

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ENDRO~! Episode 5: Royal Debut

The highly anticipated debut of the princess was upon us. Let’s see what kind of impression she made.

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ENDRO~! Episode 4: Seaside Adventure

The highly anticipated beach episode had arrived! Sadly the two lovely ladies I hoped would tag along didn’t. I is sad. Oh well. Our four heroines had their own appeal.

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ENDRO~! Episode 3: Kitty Quest

Another week, another fun episode of the “Yuru Yuri X JRPG” Show.

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OG’s Winter 2019 First Impressions

Consider this post both as a “Fresh Start” for the blog and a sign of things to come from now on. As mentioned in this reflective post I decided to tone down the number of shows I cover weekly. In … Continue reading

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