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Chronotopia: Second Skin Kickstarter

A darker take on a familiar fairytale featuring two yuri routes (and otome for the interested) is what Träumendes Mädchen have in store should all go well in their Kickstarter campaign for Chronotopia: Second Skin.

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Mizuchi Kickstarter

Want to hook up with a cute nun or a shape-shifting lamia-esque (snake woman) creature while enjoying an intriguing tale inspired by Chinese folklore, specifically The Legend of the White Snake? Then Aikasa Collective‘s upcoming project may be for you. … Continue reading

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Magical Warrior Diamond Heart Kickstarter

A magical girl themed Visual Novel with Yuri, Otome and Non-binary romance options. Sign me up! Let’s take a look at the Magical Warrior Diamond Heart Kickstarter project.

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Lingering: A Mystery Visual Novel Kickstarter

Here we have an 18+ psychological mystery drama based on the description, art style and cast of characters. It’s Ceylon Entertainment‘s Lingering.

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Heart of the Woods Demo Now Available

A demo for one of the most anticipated Western Yuri Visual Novels of 2018 is now available. The interested can get a preview of what to expect from Studio Élan‘s premiere title, Heart of the Woods. You know the game is … Continue reading

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