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Bloom Into You Episode 3: 200% on board now

This episode yo…

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Bloom Into You Episode 2: Crazy Pre-Election Thing

Peeps who are cool with yuri series like Maria-Sama ga Miteru and Aoi Hana should have no trouble enjoying BiY from my perspective. If the show’s too slow for ya then it might be best to turn back.

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Bloom Into You Episode 1: I Can’t Feel the Doki-Doki

One simple rule I want to get out of the way before starting this main event coverage: No manga spoilers. No hints. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Got it? Good. Let’s go.

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OG’s Fall 2018 Anime Picks

Yet again your friendly neighborhood OG-Man is here to announce his anime picks of the upcoming season. I’ve been looking forward to talking about the Fall 2018 season for a long time. As more shows were announced my hype for … Continue reading

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Bloom Into You Trailer

Oh yes. Something huge just popped up. Let’s not waste any time and check out the trailer for the surprise third most anticipated Yuri anime of 2018. Here’s a quick reminder of the plot summary: Yuu has just begun her … Continue reading

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