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Happy Sugar Life Getting an Anime

Was this one of the Yuri manga that got a lot of votes in that anime adaptation voting thing from February? Didn’t think the world was yet ready to see this get adapted but it’s happening so…okay then.

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Citrus Episode 11: Silver Dilemma

The Silver Twins Chapter/Arc continues. Let’s see if business picked up this episode.

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Ongaku Shoujo Anime Announced For Summer 2018

Remember that delightful little short that aired at Anime Mirai 2015? That short about a blonde genki and a blue haired tsundere who ended up becoming an ambiguously gay idol couple? (Click HERE for a refresher). Well good things come … Continue reading

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Citrus Episode 10: The Silver Twins + OG’s Truth

So here it is. The ultimate challenge for this anime adaptation. The Silver Twins Chapter/Arc. I will also finally reveal why I lost interest in the manga years ago.

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Superdimension Neptune vs Sega Hard Girls Review

Note: Review copy provided by Idea Factory International. It is well known by now that I am a huge fan of the Neptunia franchise. Besides Valkyrie Drive the other games that made me want to buy a Playstation TV were … Continue reading

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