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Mega Blockbuster Yuri Anime Announcements

One of these two many Yuri Nation members had been waiting ages to hear the magic words to while the other one…

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Little Witch Academia Anime Announced

Good news for fans of the two special films.

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Kindred Spirits on The Roof Anime Petition Progress Update

Yes doods and peeps. It’s been a while since we last heard of this petition but recently the #Yuritopia Crusader Ocean had returned from a mission with a most interesting progress report. Check it out!

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Love Live Sunshine!! Anime Trailer

Based only on looks and character descriptions the three Aqours members I’m looking forward to seeing in action most are Dia (She’s fetching and egotistical), “Johanne” (Chuunibyou syndrome) and Mari (Half Italian). I haven’t paid attention to any of the … Continue reading

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Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon Anime Announced

While we’re still waiting on more details regarding the anime adaptation of Virgins’ Empire how about we hype ourselves up for a yuri manga featuring a dragon girl maid as well?

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