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Dagny’s Mother Available on Amazon

Last year I promoted an e-book by one Marcel Jodat-Danbrani titled The Lady’s Bride (Can be purchased on Amazon HERE) and more than a year later Marcel returns with a new dark/Kuro yuri tale to share with consumers. Dagny’s Mother. … Continue reading

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Gods of the Mountain. A Book by Christopher Keene

Mr Fantasy and Anime has once again enlisted my services to promote his works and I am happy to oblige. Here is the first entry, “GODS of The Mountain”,of his newest series, A Cycle of Blades.

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The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars Comic Available for Pre-Order

The purpose of this post is a simple one: Entice as many people to pick up the Korra comics as possible. Nearly two years ago the announcement was made that Korra’s story would continue in comic book format after the … Continue reading

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The Lady’s Bride Book Kindle Scout

Check out this new book a Nation member is trying to get published through Kindle Scout, which based on its description is kind of similar to Steam Greenlight. Click on the KS link for more info on how it works. … Continue reading

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Ready… Steady… Book Launch! — Fantasy and Anime

Note from OG: Not a yuri book but Lazarynth put his heart and soul into it so I figured why not give dood a little plug. My novel STUCK IN THE GAME is now avaliable on Amazon! Anyone who wants … Continue reading

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