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388th G-View: The Magnificent Kotobuki

A group of cute and sexy girls piloting old school fighter planes in a semi post apocalyptic landscape and of course engaging in epic dogfights. That was all I needed to know about the show for it to grab my … Continue reading

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387th G-View: Maerchen Maedchen

This show had quite the bumpy journey reaching its conclusion. Long story short it was revealed the staff were being horribly mistreated during production to the point that the animation quality in later episodes got worse and the pacing felt … Continue reading

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Yuri Quickie: Hangyakusei Million Arthur

As was mentioned several times by yours truly and others 20-Gay-Teen was an incredible year for yuri fans with many shows from various genres to choose from. There was one show however, that flew under my radar. A trusted ally … Continue reading

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386th G-View: Magical Girl SPEC-OPS Asuka

The Moepocalypse Genre has become synonymous with yours truly around as I have covered and reviewed many over the years and will continue doing so for as long as I am able. This latest one is a Triple Threat, meaning … Continue reading

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Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition Review

(Note: PS4 Review Code provided by Bandai-Namco) It has been too long since I last talked about the Tales series. This is a very important occasion for I am about to review an entry in the franchise I long thought … Continue reading

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