324th G-View: Hinako Note

Here we are again looking at another Girls Club show, this time with a theater/play motif. Let us find out if it is worthy of being part of Girls Club aficionados’ collections as we check out Hinako Note.

hinako note.jpg

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Nurse Love Addiction Coming to the PS Vita

Nurse Love Addiction

As if a repeat of last year, the announcement that Nurse Love Addiction would be getting a PS Vita port also came out of nowhere. Western Yuri fans with a PS Vita/PS TV rejoice! The game was originally a PS Vita/TV exclusive in Japan. In 2016 Degica Games got the rights to publish the game for PC in the West. Now the West will also to check out the Vita version in case they have yet to get the Steam version.

Nurse Love Addiction is now available on the PS Store’s Vita section HERE. European Vita owners can go HERE.

Check out my review of the game (Steam Version) HERE. It will most likely be the same game so pretend like this is me coming back from the future after having played the Vita/TV version.


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Phantom Ban Detective Agency Kickstarter

A supernatural detective visual novel centered around a cool detective and her partner. Sounds good to me.

Phantom Ban Detective Agency Cover.png

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Serment – Contract With a Devil Demo

Last year an Indiegogo campaign went up for a dungeon-crawler game with yuri routes called Serment – Contract With a Devil. The game was later picked up by Sekai Project for publishing.

Serment Main Menu.jpg

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323rd G-View: Frame Arms Girl

While I know that the concept of an anime about a boy/girl and their living female action figures is not new as it has been done before a couple of times like Rozen Maiden and Busou Shinki, this is the first one I saw in its entirety. Question is whether it is a good show. Let us find out as we take a look at Frame Arms Girl.

Frame Arms Girl Cover.jpg

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