Yuri Quickie: Hangyakusei Million Arthur

As was mentioned several times by yours truly and others 20-Gay-Teen was an incredible year for yuri fans with many shows from various genres to choose from. There was one show however, that flew under my radar. A trusted ally touted about it but I did not make much of it. Then another showed up and some more people started asking/recommending it. So here we are checking it out…as a Yuri Quickie. I will explain why as we take a look at Hangyakusei Million Arthur.

Hangyakusei Million Arthur.jpg

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Hitoribocchi Episode 2: Ocarina of Bocchi

To people who are going to say, “She’s playing a recorder”. I just got back from a painful emergency trip. I NEED something fun to relax my head.

Nako is upset with Bocchi.jpg

Nako upset with Bocchi.

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Emergency Trip Update

From outta nowhere I’ve been called on another trip to Colombia. This time it’ll be 4 days so I’ll be back in action on Monday.

Top Gun

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Cinderella Nine Episode 1: Baseball Cuties

As far as I know there are currently three Baseball Girls anime out there. Princess Nine, Taishou Yakyuu Musume and this one. My one hope is Cinderella Nine being as fun to watch for me as TYM was.

Baseball Girl.jpg

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Hitoribocchi Episode 1: The Legend of Bocchi

Since it’s Wrestlemania weekend and I went to Shazam (Pretty good movie) my focus is less on anime but I wanted to at least try and talk about the premiere of one of the few shows I’m interested in this Spring 2019 season.



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