Kase-san OVA Trailer

Oh yes ladies and gentlemen. This is a momentous occasion. The Kase-san anime Twitter page launched a trailer featuring for the very first time Kase-san and Yamada speaking!



As a reminder Kase-san is voiced by Ayane Sakura and Yamada by Minami Takahashi. IMikawa is voiced by Ibuki Kido. Ayane and Minami sing the theme song (Thanks LuzeriP). Will update this trailer once translations are released.

The Kase-san OVA will see a theatrical release in Japan this June. Dunno when it will be made available for purchase to the public though.

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Citrus Episode 10: The Silver Twins + OG’s Truth

So here it is. The ultimate challenge for this anime adaptation. The Silver Twins Chapter/Arc. I will also finally reveal why I lost interest in the manga years ago.

Mei giving herself to Yuzu.jpg

Sadly Our Savior didn’t get to do much this episode so this hot Mei-Tron pic giving herself to Yuzu will have to do as the appetizer for the episode. I know. I miss her too.

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Fear Effect Sedna Now Available for Purchase

Reminder for fans of the old Fear Effect games: This plays differently from the previous two titles but promises to stay true to their established tone and narrative. As far as when it takes place, think of it as a 2.25 side-story, meaning after the first Fear Effect game (Fear Effect 2 is a prequel) but not quite a sequel.

Fear Effect Sedna


The game is available on the online stores of the big 3 consoles (PS4, XBOX One, Nintendo Switch) and Steam.

Thrilling action and stealth gameplay enhanced by the Fear system, an exciting story and ultra-stylish cutscenes. Harness your team’s dynamic abilities to tackle enemies and puzzles like never before. This is the quintessential sequel for existing fans and a perfect starting point for newcomers.

  • The Fear Effect: When your fear meter rises, you will be more susceptible to injury but will receive a boosted damage output and special abilities. Deny fear with stealth and strategy through the new isometric viewpoint and Tactical Pause feature.
  • Enter the spirit realm: Encounter mystical forces of the Inuit and supernatural creatures of the spirit realm. Will you dare to face the unexpected?
  • Cinematic cut scenes: Striking animated visuals bring life to a wild, engaging story and dynamic characters.
  • An array of weapons and character abilities: From silenced pistols and defensive turrets to flamethrowers and monstrous transformations!


  • New environments in isometric view: Explore the deep caves of Greenland, abandoned scientific complexes, underwater stations and ethereal realms based on Inuit mythology.

  • A real-time tactical action game: Exploit your heroes special abilities, and combine them to maximize your team’s effectiveness in attacks.

  • A deep and mature story: Learn more about Fear Effect’s iconic characters’ past as they delve into this new mystery.

  • Explore a whole new culture: Myths from the Inuit people are imbued with power of the elements and the cold sea. Meet and fight unexpected creatures from the spirit realm!

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Lonely Yuri Now Available on Steam

Lonely Yuri Cover

The wait is over Steam users for Lonely Yuri is now available for purchase. Grab ahold of this lovely little classic be going HERE.

Plot Summary:

“First with a kiss… the girl is etched in the protagonist’s mind.

It was first year in high school. The budding of summer.
Fusa Konno met a shut-in girl named Seri.
Persecuted by her yearning eyes, her heart gradually opened…

Awkwardly, the two girls gave each other a hug, joined hands, and looked into their eyes.
They learned a comfort of being with and touching someone they love,
and wanted to know more about each other…

Night-time Sheep presents a highly atmospheric romance yuri visual novel
Illustrated by Sunao Minakata

12 CG + variations, 3 standalone arts + variations
Save and load options
Quick read/skip and auto play
800×600 window / full screen option”

Check out my review of the game HERE.

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Megadimension Neptunia VIIR PS4 Release Date Announced + PBS Neptune DLC

Think of this title as Neptunia 4 Plus. Not exactly a RE;Birth 4 but something like that. Oh and the correct pronunciation is “Vee-Two-R”.

Megadimension Neptunia VIIR Release Date

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