The Wilting Amaranth Coming Soon to Steam

With the “18+ Anime VN Purge” Steam seems to be on it’s going to be rough promoting these VNs but the show must continue. I will at least be doing my part by helping promote these titles in hopes that they get as many eyes on them as possible. This time we will talking about a title brought up a couple of years ago by Reineworks, The Wilting Amaranth, published by Top Hat Studios.

The Wilting Amaranth Cover

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Highway Blossoms Remastered Update Now Available (on Steam)

Steam owners who already purchased the game are finally able to automatically update Highway Blossoms to the new Remastered version that includes full English voice acting among several new additions.

Highway Blossoms Remastered.jpg

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Oshi ga Budoukan Itte Kuretara Shinu Anime Announced

The Yuri anime announcements continue.

Oshi ga Budoukan.jpg

Plot Summary: The manga’s story centers on a woman called “Eripiyo,” who is an extreme idol fan. She is wildly enthusiastic about Maina, the shy and lowest-ranking member of the minor underground idol group Cham Jam that performs in Okayama Prefecture. She gets so wrapped up in her love for Maina during a particular performance, that she has a major nosebleed. Eri will continue to give her complete devotion to Maina until the day she can perform at Budōkan (a major performing venue in Tokyo).

From Baka-Updates: A girl is obsessed with her favorite idol, a minor member of a less popular group, enough that she says she’d die to see her play at Budoukan.

Now one would say “Hey OG. Why are you cutting this diehard idol fangirl some slack but insulting the guy from Mahou Shoujo Site by calling him the ‘Personification of AniTwitter’?” Simple. Because that guy is a lunatic crack head. Also Eripiyo looks to be a super fan and not someone who belongs in an insane asylum. I could be wrong but my “female protagonist” bias is telling me to give her a chance. I will do just that.

My usual contacts will most likely inform me on what to expect from this story. Post will be updated with more info on this announcement when available.


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Comic Girls Episode 7: Maturity Quest

It’s once again KAOSDAY and the show’s streak of being awesome has been consistent. Will the streak continue?

Nude Koyume and Ruki.jpg

What do you think?

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Lesbian Romance Short Stories – Luscious Collection Volume 1 Kickstarter

I’m helping promote a little Kickstarter project for what looks to be the start of a lovely series of short stories. Check out the ones being offered in this first volume to kick off what could possibly be something big. This is Volume 1 of Luscious Spirit Studios‘ Luscious Collection of Lesbian Romance Short Stories.

Lesbian Luscious Spirit Collection Volume 1.jpg

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