Aikatsu Friends! Episode 23: Birdie

This time we joined Maika still feeling a bit down due to Honey Cat not making it to the Brilliant Friends Cup. Let’s see if she found a way to cheer up.

Maika's family.jpg

Maika’s family.

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Is The Order a Rabbit? 2019 OVA and 3rd Season Announced

GochiUsa S3 Announcement Poster.jpg

The cute, sexy and gay coffee bunny girls are set to return once again. After the delightful special OVA Dear My Sister many fans hoped that wasn’t the last we would see of this wonderful cast in animated form. Well, in the near future our prayers will be answered.

Another special OVA is set for 2019 while the big announcement was a 3rd season coming in 2020! Let’s do our best to survive global disasters till then.

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Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight Episode 10: The Final Audition

The last day of FCT duels had come.

Hikari nervously eating.jpg

I replayed this moment over 10 times.

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Fly Me To The Stars: NozoEli Style

@Loli_Tsubasa made a delightful discovery. The Revue Starlight ED but with Nozomi X Eli from Love Live’s μ’s. My best guess is this is the Junna X Banana version.

Special thanks to nyet Blue for making the video.

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Happy Sugar Life Episode 10: Sanity Jars

The show was about to reach its breaking point. Soon it will come to a point of no return, of eternal misery for certain viewers to relish and say “Glad it ain’t me” while others who are still around gaze upon the darkness with curious chills running down their spines.

Shio's turn to take care of Satou.jpg

Shio determined to take care of Satou.

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