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Our Feelings Yuri Visual Novel Kickstarter

Whenever there’s a funding project (Kickstarter/Indiegogo/Kimochi/Prefundia etc.) for an interesting yuri project I’ll be there to cover it. This time we have Our Feelings by Vazurea Studio.

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Destiny Chronicles Kickstarter Update + Chaos Souls Available for Purchase

Update post regarding Visualnoveler/Wraithseeker’s Destiny Chronicles Kickstarter along with their newest title, Chaos Souls.

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Yuri Game Jam 2017 Titles

This post is to inform everyone that the 2017 Yuri Game Jam had ended and the many works of both aspiring and veteran developers are available for everyone to enjoy and promote at their leisure. Check the games out HERE. … Continue reading

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Legends of Talia: Arcadia. Available for Purchase

Yup. It is yet another Winged Cloud yuri title. Three in a row as of the date of this writing. What makes this one different, according to WC, is that it’s a more serious tone than past titles (Yet still … Continue reading

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Blackberry Honey Now Available for Purchase

The wait is over Nation. Ebi-Hime‘s first ever adult Visual (Kinetic to be exact) Novel about Yuri maids is here. Blackberry Honey!

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