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Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita Anime Coming This Summer (And OG’s Pain)

At first glance this anime looks GLORIOUS! On the other hand something tells me there has to be a catch because the anime sounds too good to be true. I mean if it goes the way I hope it does … Continue reading

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Melody of Sorrow: The Cross Heart Sequel

A couple of years ago one Anakris gifted the Yuri Nation with a drama titled Cross Heart (Check out my review of it HERE) that was about the painful yet also hopeful love story of two adorable girls named Haru … Continue reading

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Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni Coming to Steam This Summer

Well I’ll be darn. I didn’t think this game would get a Steam port. Good news for PC gamers then.

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Reflections – Dreams and Reality

Time to promote another visual novel with yuri content. It’s Reflections – Dreams and Reality by Reine Works and Gamerbum.

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The Invisible Lesbian Graphic Novel

This looks like an interesting read. Plot Summary: Oceanerosemarie has been attracted to women since she was young. For some reason, no one believes she’s a lesbian, not even other lesbians. Is she too feminine? She does love women, but … Continue reading

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