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This is where all my anime reviews will be posted. Don’t expect anything of Masako X or JesuOtaku quality, just an average Joe’s opinion on shows he did or didn’t like. Be warned, some of my reviews contain mature content and cussing, not suitable for cubs or baby chicks: Mostly the negative reviews.

364th G-View: Calamity of a Zombie Girl

This is why I am thankful to the Yuri Council. As my closest confidants they inform me of titles with potential I may have overlooked such as this ONA. Let us take a look at whether this little movie that … Continue reading

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363rd G-View: Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online

It is that time again doods and peeps. Newcomers will surely ask “What time is it?”. Why it is “OG reviews a spinoff, starring a girl/woman, of a (usually) popular series he (usually) has zero interest in”  time. You know. … Continue reading

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362nd G-View: Magical Girl Site

WARNING! The following anime has some very gruesome scenes not suitable for all viewers. Some of it is slightly off-camera while others are shown in all their brutal and gory glory. There is a reason why readers of it deem … Continue reading

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361st G-View: Toji no Miko

Funny thing with this show. I was covering it weekly but suddenly stopped. Not because I lost interest but it was during that point in my blogging career where I slowed down due to personal stuff something that made me … Continue reading

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359th G-View: Tachibanakan Triangle

Before we begin let us get the obvious out of the way. Yes, each episode is only three minutes long (not counting the ED). Yes, that is too short for a show like this. Yes, the short length does make … Continue reading

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