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This is where all my anime reviews will be posted. Don’t expect anything of Masako X or JesuOtaku quality, just an average Joe’s opinion on shows he did or didn’t like. Be warned, some of my reviews contain mature content and cussing, not suitable for cubs or baby chicks: Mostly the negative reviews.

A Kiss For The Petals: Maidens of Michael Coming to the West

A lot of yuri fans wanted to see this title get localized. The wait is finally over ladies and gentlemen as Mangagamer announced at Otakon 2017 that they would be localizing the game very soon. Update: Quick reminder that A … Continue reading

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327th G-View: sin: Nanatsu no Taizai

Before we begin the review let us get the obvious out of the way first. This is an ECCHIMANIA show, meaning a lot of sexy anime babes fighting each other, often getting into naughty predicaments, their clothing shredded and showing … Continue reading

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327th G-View: Attack on Titan 2

I briefly posted a Yuri Quickie on the first season but did not really go into much detail on what I thought of the show. At first I planned on this being another Yuri Quickie but then I realized I … Continue reading

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326th G-View: Alice & Zoroku

I did plan on checking this show out but after fans highly recommended I give the show a go ASAP I bumped it up ahead of schedule…The following anime is a very peculiar one due to the fact that its … Continue reading

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Yuri Anime and Manga: Validating Lesbian Relationships As Real (June OWLS Blog Tour) (By Rai)

Check out this excellent post regarding Yuri relationships in both reality and fiction. Miss Rai, aka Pink Raichu, discusses both the positive depictions of lesbians falling in love and negative stereotypes/obstacles they must overcome or lose the battle against. Source: … Continue reading

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