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This is where all my anime reviews will be posted. Don’t expect anything of Masako X or JesuOtaku quality, just an average Joe’s opinion on shows he did or didn’t like. Be warned, some of my reviews contain mature content and cussing, not suitable for cubs or baby chicks: Mostly the negative reviews.

Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure: The Blue Cat Arc

As usual I got lazy and fell behind with my coverage of something. I kept a close eye on the latest season of PreCure and now would be a good time to get everyone caught up with the Twinkle Rangers. … Continue reading

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389th G-View: Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu

Girls Club anime or shows starring girls who have great difficulty making friends is nothing new but there is something special about this one that sets it apart from others. Join me and find out what I mean as we … Continue reading

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388th G-View: The Magnificent Kotobuki

A group of cute and sexy girls piloting old school fighter planes in a semi post apocalyptic landscape and of course engaging in epic dogfights. That was all I needed to know about the show for it to grab my … Continue reading

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387th G-View: Maerchen Maedchen

This show had quite the bumpy journey reaching its conclusion. Long story short it was revealed the staff were being horribly mistreated during production to the point that the animation quality in later episodes got worse and the pacing felt … Continue reading

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Mary Skelter 2 Coming to the West (Nintendo Switch Exclusive)

Idea Factory International Announced earlier today that Mary Skelter 2 was heading to the West digitally on the Nintendo Switch.

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