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Netsuzou Trap -NTR- Episode 8: Maid Cafe Drama

Stupid Idiot and Sexy Devil working at a cat maid cafe.

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Ghosts of Miami now Available For Purchase

Stumbled upon a most interesting looking VN I did. It’s Pillow Fight Games‘ Ghosts of Miami.

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New Game!! (Double Plus) Episode 7: New Temps

As expected the whole “we’re not hiring new employees this year” thing was a half-lie.

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Yuri Talk: Feminist Defense of Girls Club And Yuri Anime (By MithrandirOlorin) + Yuri and Melancholy (By Shoujo Aisha)

First of all here’s an editorial by MithrandirOlorin arguing why Girls Club and Yuri shows shouldn’t be looked down upon. Check it out by clicking on the link below. LINK Second we have a short and sweet article by Shoujo Aisha … Continue reading

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Symphogear AXZ Episode 7: Clash of Beliefs

Still an episode behind with subs but we’re hanging in there. Symphogear still rules and is worth waiting for new episodes to get subbed.

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