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365th G-View: Harukana Receive

In 2016 an anime aired that forever changed my life. I am of course referring to KEIJO!!!!!!!! While not for everyone it brought great joy to my life. So much so I deemed it one of my favorite anime of … Continue reading

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Happy Sugar Life Episode 11: Preparing for the Dark Storm

Although our anti-heroines’ bonds had grown stronger last episode it also ended with their doom fast approaching. Odds of them living happily ever after together grew weaker with each episode. Soon there will be nowhere left to run…

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Lucy Got Problems Now Available on JAST USA

Here’s another ecchi yuri VN for the interested to enjoy. It’s Flat Chest Dev‘s Lucy Got Problems.

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Bloom by Razzart Visual Announced

As the road to Razzmatazz‘s magnum opus continues we’re gifted with another Razzart Visual (Starlight Vega, Love Ribbon, Happy Campers, Wolf Tails) production. This time it’s an 18+ story of a relationship between…with a twist. It’s Bloom.

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Escape from the Princess Now Available

Check out this neat looking VN that came out today. It’s Salamandra 88‘s Escape from the Princess. Plot Summary: Rosetta dreams of becoming a magician, but she isn’t cut out for it. Fate brings her together with a mysterious witch, … Continue reading

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