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URAHARA Episode 3: Artistic Slump

We got an interesting cliffhanger last time. Let’s see how they followed it up.  

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Konohana Kitan Episode 3: Another Pink Dynamite

Peeps who saw Action Heroine Cheer Fruits will get why I included “Another”. Let’s talk about a dynamite of an episode!

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Blackberry Honey Release Date (NSFW)

The wait will soon be over. Mark the date on your calendars doods and peeps for the release of Ebi-Hime’s (or just Ebi) Yuri adult visual novel about maids, Blackberry Honey. October 24th. The game will also include a day-1 … Continue reading

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Houseki no Kuni Episode 2: Rough Diamonds

As promised I’ll continue covering this show and treating like a yuri series because, with all the Gems being androgynous/genderless and looking like girls despite having pretty boy traits, it’s technically not wrong to see it as such. Again it … Continue reading

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Love Live! Sunshine!! 2.2: Different Tastes

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