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Casually Rose: Awakening Steam Greenlight

Here’s another yuri VN on Steam to help get greenlit. Looks cute and neat. It’s Casually Rose: Awakening by Rose Covenant.

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Nyanko Dropout Jihen Episode 2

From now until the end of the Winter season I’ll be discussing Satanichia Dropout, Nyanko Days and Idol Jihen in one post per episode.

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Miss Kobayashi’s Dwagon Maid Episode 2: The Wowi Dwagon Cometh

Let’s see if KyoAni kept up the good pace from last time.

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The 2016 Yuritopia Classic Round 1

Sorry for being late with the tournament. Stuff to do in real life and not being able to finish as many shows as I wanted before the end of 2016 stopped this year’s tournament from starting sooner. Anyway here we … Continue reading

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Mangagamer 2017 Survey

This is the third time we are talking about this so by now readers know what to do.

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