Anima Yell! Episode 9: Chair Club Advent

The day had finally come. The Chair Association had enough members to become a club. Let’s find out how they finally became official.

Kohane offering Ushiku a club application form.jpg

First scene and I’m already laughing hard.

We started the awesomeness with Kohane dragging Ushiku to the “club room” where she’d eventually fill the application form. Her full name was Hanawa Ushiku but she prefers to be called Kana. Only one person was worthy of addressing her as Hanawa. I’ll stick with Ushiku myself…because cow tiddies. Oh and Kotetsu’s reaction to Ushiku’s first name reveal was savage. Savage Kotetsu is wonderful.

Cheer Sentai.jpg

We definitely need an Anima Yell! X Huggto! PreCure crossover.

Uki blessed

Uki was like “Yeeeeeaaaaaah”, or as Little Viktoria would most likely put it: “Yeah. I just came”.

Kohane chilling at the beach.jpg

Fingers crossed the next episode will feature a swimsuit segment.

Moving right along our heroines realized they had enough members to finally become the Chair Club. The next decision to be made was who to nominate as club president. Kohane was ready to elect Arima but she insisted Kohane be the president. Reason being she had a certain charm to her…for good and for silly.

Inukai the Dandelion.jpg

Inukai the Dandelion.

Next up was blackmailing Miss Inukai into becoming their advisor. Yes, I said blackmail. Kohane indeed the right choice to be president. Also yes, I ship Miss Inukai with her colleague.

Uki preparing herself for a shocking reveal.jpg

Uki preparing herself for a shocking reveal about Arima’s bro.

Ushiku stretching.jpg

I know someone who will greatly appreciate this.

I’m skipping the whole montage of Uki failing to tell her otouto she’s a Chairleader and part of the group who will be cheering for his football team.

Halftime Special.jpg

Halftime Special.

There’s not much to say about it. Otouto, named Akane, gets annoyed whenever girls cheer for his team because they have annoying voices. Uki was nervous until he questioned the integrity of chairleaders. The rest is history. I will say I love the Insert Song they used here. My favorite of that song is from the first season of Morita-san wa Mukuchi. I recommend watching that show BTW in case any of you have yet to do so.

I guess the last thing worth talking about is Uki’s reaction when Kohane got a bit too chummy with the otouto.

Uki's gay rage returns.jpg

Uki’s righteous rage returns.

So yeah. Another good episode and really hope we get a swimsuit segment next time.


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27 Responses to Anima Yell! Episode 9: Chair Club Advent

  1. ObssesedNuker says:

    I bet Inukai-sensei and her friend ar-

    “Also yes, I ship Miss Inukai with her colleague.”

    Damn, why did you have to beat me to it. 😦

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Dante Smith says:

    Uki is MAD GAY for Kohane and she went full force in this one, now all this show needs to be completed is……..a confession from Uki (preferably on the rooftop), I’d pay top dosh for that 🙂

    And judging from the preview, the fabled beach episode is right under the horizon.

    Liked by 4 people

  3. tsubasasfamily says:

    The Kaminoki High girls bring luck to whoever they cheer for, huh? Wonder who spread that rumor (probably tsundere basketball senpai xD).

    Swimsuit episode is surely coming… I’m fully prepared for Anima Yell meets Harukana Receive. It’ll also give Uki and Ushiku a chance to ogle their crushes 😀

    Liked by 4 people

  4. Clubs looking for members in anime is as common as fighting tournaments. I haven’t watched this show, but am puzzled why a guy wouldn’t want cheerleaders.


  5. Mauron says:

    Chair Gray finally joined the team, and they were able to form the Megazord!

    Chair Lime Green can’t resist the touch of Chair Orange.

    Chair Purple’s sister had a surprisingly normal activity in her life.

    Chair Brown now has a kindred spirit… kinda. I mean, a kindred spirit besides the ghost of music room.

    Now we need an Anima Yell! x Mistuboshi Colors crossover for more world saving shenanigans.

    Liked by 3 people

  6. Little Viktoria says:

    I’m delighted by Kana. She’s so strong-willed and irreverent that it’s pure joy to watch her melt and blush and stutter whenever she’s around Hizume. Cute and sexy.

    Yay, finally a swimsuit episode. Uki and Kana’s dream come true, I’m sure.

    I laughed so much when that little idiot Kohane pulled out the ghost pattern that Uki made. I never expected that she’d keep it. It made me like Kohane a lot more. She’s a bubblehead, and that’s cute and adorable, but she obviously has a lot of things going on inside her cute head that aren’t so obvious. And why would she have kept the ghost unless she thought it was sweet of Uki to make it?

    It’s so cute when she’s kneeling on the floor and begging for Kana to sign up, or for the club money. I understand the raging desire Uki has for her. It would be the yuri explosion of the century if Kohane would take all that excess energy she has (like when she was pestering the teacher) and use it on Uki.

    Uki reading the running book with tears her eyes was so adorable too.

    And Kotetsu is so short, it’s lovely. She still looks amazing in the yellow uniform.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Ushiku is adorable and has a sexy body to boot.


      It’s been clear for a while that Kohane’s deceptively perceptive along with being a (maybe?) unintentional tease. She can be more dangerous than Kotetsu.

      I’m certain the day will come when Kohane her full power on Uki.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I second that idea about a Hugtto! Precure x Anima Yell crossover. I too want to see Hana & Kohane pointing at each other and wondering just what kind of family connection they have to be so similar…or whether they’re alternate universe versions of each other!

    Uki was pretty great this episode! And hang in there, Uki, one day! One day you can confess your crush and get even closer!

    Liked by 2 people

  8. LuzeriP says:

    Oh that’s right, it was MoriMuku song. Oh man, it’s been bugging me all day. I knew that song from somewhere. Great song.

    I laughed at “Uki just came” It looks like tho. Poor Uki, can’t catch a break. Just confess to her Uki, I’m sure she’ll say yes. And Kohane keeps teasing Uki, she’s not that innocent.

    I just wanna say I found Uki’s brother is a bit arrogant. But fine, he still a kid and kids say the darndest things. I hope he grows up to be respectful of others especially girls.

    Liked by 3 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Love that version of the song.

      Don’t give up Uki. One day you’ll finally get the courage to tell Kohane the truth.

      He’s bratty. Give him time and he’ll learn to be more respectful.

      Liked by 2 people

  9. cirno9fan says:

    I’d have to watch it again, but pretty sure Kana was saying her name was read “Kana”, and that’s the reason she didn’t like it. Because people always mistook it for something else.

    I want to say things about this episode, but it’s been too long since I saw it, so i’ll just say:
    Super energetic, fun, and yuri ❤
    As always!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Nick says:

    Great to see the Chairleader Association get upgraded to Club status! Yay!

    I love Uki so much and I’m cheering her on that some point she’ll confess her feelings. Feels like I’m cheering for a lot of girls this season. But yes Uki was totally enjoying the moment of being hugged by Kohane. So good.

    I think Hanawa is a nice name, Kana is fine too.

    Kana stretching, yessssssss.

    The whole Uki not being able to tell her brother about cheerleading was funny. She just wasn’t getting any good moments to say it, but hey it all worked out well in the end and it’s nice to see the game went well. Also, Akane confirmed likes those panty angles. What a guy.

    The performance was nice and that insert song was great too. Really liked that whole scene a lot.

    And lastly, I’m honestly really liking Kana more and more. I still think Uki is my favorite, but man Kana is giving her a run for her money in my books. Should be interesting to see who comes out on top for me. Either way though, they’re both great girls.

    Swimsuits next week!!!!! The hype is real!!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Like Ushiku’s formal introduction the wait was long but so worth it

      Let’s go Uki! GO FIGHT WIN!

      Cute name and face, nice body.

      Yup. Good for Uki settling things with Akane. Also Akane may need to work on how he treats other girls but at least knows where to look.

      I enjoyed all the performances and remixes of great insert songs I heard in some other anime before.

      No surprise the two gayest characters are the best on the show.

      Can’t wait!

      Liked by 1 person

  11. yurimylove says:

    when kneeling respectfully on the floor doesn’t work… tackle ’em

    Liked by 1 person

  12. chikorita157 says:

    It took a while, but it looks like Kohane’s dream is becoming true. At last, she will have all the funding to buy all the cheerleading gear.

    It’s funny how Uki and Akane have a lot in common. It took a while for Uki to convince herself to do Cheerleading. I guess it only took Akane to look what Cheerleading is like to change his mind. Still, the mention of panties to his sister from his make him seem, perverted.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. K says:

    With Ushiku joining their ranks, the Cheer Club’s officially in business. Kohane pleading with her to join up already was funny.

    Uki can’t help but smile whenever Kohane hugs her. Even funnier that Kohane’s not aware of it.

    Hey Kotetsu, don’t blame Ushiku for having a cute-sounding name. You set your hopes too high.

    Inukai-sensei was unintentionally blackmailed because I don’t think Kohane’s gonna hold her awkward dancing memories over her head but yay, she’s a club advisor now.

    Uki trying to tell her bro about her actual club was funny, especially when she blanked out. She didn’t feel so good at all.

    Wait, you’re saying that the insert song used during the halftime show was from another anime? That’s interesting. Anyway, the Cheer Club’s charm helped Akane’s team to win the day and it got him to appreciate cheer-leading and his sis more. That, and he got to play in the second half. Also, if anyone is rumour spreading, it would definitely not be Basketball-senpai. Really. Her team would, though.

    Peace, Uki! Peace! Don’t forget that Akane’s your bro!

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      That it was.

      I’m pretty she is subconsciously.

      Poor dear.

      Kohane will make a great club president.

      Poor Uki.

      Ah. It would make more sense for Basketball-Senpai’s teammates being the ones spreading the rumors.

      All’s fair in love and war.


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