Release The Spyce Episode 5: Fun/Work

After the wonderfulness that was MeiFu we went back to Momo X Master Yuki this episode.

Momo's friends at an onsen.jpg

I’m going to pretend these two are a side-couple just because. Oh screw it. Why bother pretending. They are. Final answer.

The episode started with Tsukikage planning on infiltrating Kyuten Labs because of Master Yuki’s suspicion of them being a major Moryo facility. Meanwhile Momo was texting her buddies as her birthday was fast approaching. She hoped to celebrate it with them but put it off to focus more on her training.

Fu checking in

I bet Fu fans are elated seeing her put on different disguises.

Tsukikage entered a familiar looking chamber but didn’t find anything noteworthy. Master Yuki however, wasn’t convinced Kyuten Labs had no connection with Moryo. She was right of course.

Theresia in a business suit.jpg

Theresia had solid guns.

The Moryo agents quickly arranged a partnership with some kind of yakuza boss. It’s not really that important.

The new Dolte.jpg

The new Dolte.

What was important was seeing the new and “improved(?)” Dolte. Reminds me of that one Dexter’s Laboratory episode. So Dolte’s power was enhanced at the cost of her intelligence, though her tracking ability and sense of smell also improved.

Momo feeling down.jpg

Momo feeling a bit down.

Skipping ahead a bit we joined Momo still conflicted about celebrating her birthday and working hard for Master Yuki. Speaking of Master Yuki she did her now vintage “I’m always near you” surprise appearance. She told Momo that although their job demands great discipline it didn’t mean gay ninja spies couldn’t enjoy their off days. Momo was still determined to work her butt off so as to never make her dearest Master look bad again. Master was like “It is cool, yes. As long as you follow the mission given and trust in me you will be alright. No need to push yourself harder than necessary”.

Byakko working.jpg

Byakko working.

On their way to the base they ran into Byakko and the owl guard ensuring she did her job. Master Yuki explained she couldn’t leave until her body was cleared of all potential poison from the mind wipe drug she took and it was safe for her to go.

Momo and Yuki planning their attack.jpg

Momo and Yuki planning their attack.

On to the mission. They were to follow and subdue two targets involved with drug smuggling. We joined Momo and Master Yuki who quickly immobilized the target. Momo was left to place a tracking device on the target while Yuki took care of a nearby passenger. Unfortunately for Momo the target didn’t come alone.

Momo vs Dolte.jpg

Momo vs Dolte.

A boss battle ensued. Momo tried fighting back but none of her attacks had any effect on Dolte. Luckily Master Yuki returned to push Dolte back a bit.

Momo and Yuki sharing Spyce.jpg

Too bad only one bite was needed to get Spyced up.

Master Yuki was like “Calm yourself Momo. Panicking will not help you think properly in battle”. That’s also why Momo forgot to bring a Spyce with her. You know what that meant. The duo dodged a charging Dolte followed by Yuki shooting her with some mind wipe bullets and knocking her off the train down a river. To simplify Yuki’s explanation on how she could handle Dolte, she’s Level 50 whereas Momo was Level 20.

Momo was like “HUG ME MASTER!” but Yuki was like “Not now Momo”.

Momo celebrating her birthday.jpg

Happy Birthday Momo!

Afterward Momo continued pushing herself to near exhaustion. Eventually she took the hint and was like “Yeah. I’ll spend my day off celebrating my B-Day with my home girls”. This of course was a wise decision as Momo felt recharged on their next mission, which was infiltrating the yakuza boss’ hideout. If that weren’t awesome enough, she got to celebrate her birthday again with the Tsukikage after completing the mission. However, she wasn’t out of the woods as a certain Prototype She-Hulk followed her to the Curry House. Momo got a sneak attack and was badly hurt. All was not lost though.

Katrina counters Dolte's attack.jpg

Let’s just say Katrina’s Level 65.

Angry Yuki.jpg

“You dare attack my Momo again?”

She didn’t say that but she’s PISSED so let’s roll with it.

Yuki watching over Momo.jpg

Quite the sight Momo woke up to.

Momo passed out for a while but was greeted by a pleasant sight afterward. Master Yuki took good care of her while she was unconscious. She then brought up her continued suspicions of Kyuten Labs being a major Moryo facility (Again she’s right.) and how the yakuza gang was yet another diversion. Momo vowed to one day become her equal.

Release the Spyce Theresia Training.jpg

Theresia training.

After the ED we got a preview of Theresia getting ready to face Tsukikage along with traitor revealing the identity of one of our heroines.

Yet another good episode. Like Rory though I too thought Prototype She-Hulk wasn’t as menacing as she’s hyped up to be. That or the Masters were far stronger than Moryo anticipated. She’s also a prototype, so there’s that. Maybe Theresia looks to be a much stronger opponent. Besides that we got more cool spy stuff and some nice Momo X Yuki development.

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34 Responses to Release The Spyce Episode 5: Fun/Work

  1. Mike says:

    I don’t think it was an issue of the mentors being too strong. Even Byakko was able to beat her with general ease. And despite her new appearance there is only so much you can buff a weakling. It also took all three of the apprentices to take Byakko down so it’s only natural that Momo would struggle with the she hulk who was probably just now on par with Byakko and the added bonus of not feeling pain.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Jack Cactus says:

    Oh love, the episode started with 2 of Momo’s friends having a clears throat NUDE SLEEPOVER, followed by Momo herself stripping to apply the Invisibility Cream with Yuki “aiding” her along the process. Sweet heavens, couldn’t make it through the opening part without any……lewd thoughts. 🙂

    So it seems that Dolte just got a few more doses of Steroids but still got kicked by both Katrina and Yuki, Moryo better step up their game next time (they probably will). I think the main reason for Dolte’s defeat is that like many overly muscular people, they tend to have bad center of gravity due to huge muscle mass so having the right knowledge and technique can actually throw someone like her off their balance to the floor.

    After Momo got injured by Dolte and brought back to….Yuki’s house, she woke up to see Yuki lying in a very “peculiar” position, like that of lovers…………….oh boy.

    So according to the post ED scene, the traitor is someone with close connection with Aoba and also with enough knowledge and skills to not be detected by either Tsukikage or Aoba herself. I’m goin to place my bets on Katrina since Goe was constantly seen around Aoba and just not fitting to be a traitor archetype. Not to mention being Aoba’s mentor, Katrina might also have some tricks up her sleeve to avoid suspicion from her protégé.

    Also, lookin’ fine Theresia, lookin’ really FINE.

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  3. ineedyuri says:

    They upped the fan service this episode.


  4. Little Viktoria says:

    I think the camera girl is just wrong and mistaken (I mean the camera girl who is filming this anime). We deserved to see much more of the girls applying the invisibility cream and afterwards ^^

    Aww, Momo got so close to a hug, her hands almost reach Yuki’s chest. But “not in the middle of a mission” implies “later”. Yuki is quite the poker face. She is watching her Momo every moment and obviously cares a lot for her, but still manages to keep it professional. So far. I can’t wait for Yuki’s professionalism to break down and her to give Momo some affection.

    A nude sleepover? Mmm. Like I said, the camera girl is mistaken and in the wrong place ^^

    Momo needs a plan to get through to Yuki. She could always say, “I want to improve faster. Let’s play that game again. But this time, instead of you trying to put stamps on my face, I’ll try to steal your cinnamon.”

    After that, she can just do the old Eiko trick from Slow Start: “I swallowed all the Spyce already… But the taste is still in my mouth if you want some…”

    A spy-worthy seduction plan. But she really should just have bitten off the cinnamon stick in one go and stolen a kiss.

    Liked by 3 people

  5. Mauron says:

    I generally need less interaction to ship a couple in a series when I already have a ship or two. That picture of Momo’s friends and their bouncy togetherness about celebrating Momo’s birthday are enough for a late to the party ship. NUDE SLEEPOVERS more than qualifies for a first ship in a series.

    Momo may not have gotten her hug, but she got to share some spyce, assistance in applying invisibility cream, and a chance to wake up next to her girlfriend, so overall it was a pretty amazing episode for her.

    Fu did have a quite excellent disguise this episode.

    The undefeated (as far as she knows) Byakko being forced to do chores is tragic.

    Liked by 3 people

  6. FantasyGirlKanna says:

    HA! I knew it! It was her! 😀 It’s always so exciting whenever I guess right 😛 But she could also be just pretending to be a traitor. And I think it’s too early for that revelation it’s only the 5th episode.

    Anyway, I like this Yuki x Momo episode 😀 I wish Yuki would just walk beside her apprentice rather than suddenly show up when needed 😛 And if Yuki wants Momo to have a relaxing day she should take her out on a date that would be great or at least celebrate her birthday with her. Momo actually doesn’t need to rush in getting stronger it doesn’t matter if she takes it slow as long as she doing her job right. And Dolte’s senses have improved and was able to pick up Momo’s scent but doesn’t Momo has a superhuman-like sense of smell too? Why didn’t she pick up Dolte’s scent the second time?

    Must be nice for Momo to have a nightmare then wake up to see Yuki beside her 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

    • lilmagi says:

      “HA! I knew it! It was her! 😀 It’s always so exciting whenever I guess right 😛 But she could also be just pretending to be a traitor. And I think it’s too early for that revelation it’s only the 5th episode.”

      You are misunderstanding. The “Traitor” gave an identity of her to the bad guys (so expect bad guys to go after her), not that she was the traitor. We still don’t know who is the traitor.

      Liked by 4 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Iilmagi beat me to it but yes Aoba isn’t the traitor.

      Probably part of Dolte’s abilities to sneak up on targets.

      Nice way to calm yourself after a nightmare by seeing your lady love next to you.

      Liked by 3 people

  7. Wanderer says:

    Just for the record, Momo didn’t forget her spyce on the train, the pouch she carries it in was knocked loose when Dolte threw her on the ground.

    Also… wait, what? A nude sleepover? …Is that a thing girls do normally?

    Liked by 3 people

  8. ObssesedNuker says:

    “Moryo’s ideology”. Wait, they have an ideology? I thought they were a crime syndicate. What’s their cause? It’s like a yuri-anime version of the GLA!
    Ah well, plot demands a bad guy…

    Liked by 3 people

  9. Yeah, I can see that side-couple being a thing. Maybe we’ll see more of them later, so we can ship them even more!

    Momo indeed got both blessed and not quite in the same episode. But I think in the end the blessed part is the larger share, so lucky her!

    I guess in the end, Dolte was just a regular (super-strong) dolt.

    And the traitor is someone who knows Aoba closely, and remains unknown to Tsukikage, huh…

    Liked by 2 people

  10. Zack says:

    It seems like I misunderstood something when I first viewed this episode. I thought they were saying the traitor was Aoba, but it seems like it’s just someone close to Aoba. The Katrina theory is starting to get more likely.

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s strange that they never show that blonde haired Moryo agent’s face? It’s almost like they’re trying to hide her identity. She can’t be the traitor because she talks about them as if they’re a separate person.

    I was wondering what happened to Byakko. It seems like they’re making her sweep up the place until the drugs are finally gone from her system, but is it really okay to just release once they figure it’s safe? I imagine they’ll blindfold her or something so she doesn’t learn of their base’s location.

    Speaking of Byakko, I predict that since she’s still around she’ll have a heel face turn by towards the end of the series and end up helping Tsukikage.

    I also support that side couple. The best part is that since they don’t really appear that often there technically isn’t anything saying they aren’t a couple. So your imagination is free to run wild.

    Liked by 3 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Dunno. We’ll have to keep an eye out just in case.

      That’s the point. The Moryo Agent leader’s face is kept a secret on purpose.

      Of course they’ll make sure Byakko doesn’t know the exact location of the base. A face turn from her is possible.

      The magic of side-couples.

      Liked by 2 people

  11. K says:

    I like that Yua and Nagi weren’t just dropped after Momo befriended them for her training. Also, a nude sleepover eh? How…interesting.

    Momo learned something today; all work and no play makes Momo a dull spy, so take the time off when presented. It’ll do wonders, like getting to celebrate your birthday not once but twice! Also, Yuki’s got her back so rely on her more.

    So Byakko’s still under Tsukikage’s care. I’m guessing that they’ll wipe her memory when they release her, if they will.

    Dolte’s power-up was such a let-down, showing how threatening she was only against a noob since she was no match for the veterans. Katrina showing her experience was sweet though, as well as the Momo/Yuki moments that came from their encounters with her.

    Aoba’s gotta watch out, Moryo’s got their eyes on her.

    Liked by 3 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Very interesting indeed.

      Yuki’s a great Master so do rely on her more Momo.

      We shall see.

      The Momo X Yuki moments made up for Dolte not being as intimidating as they made her out to be.


      Liked by 2 people

  12. Harrowing says:

    I hope we get an episode where they show past Yuki’s stoic nature. Katrina seems awfully suspicious this episode though. The way how Katrina intervenes when Dolte attacked Momo seems weird to me, I might be overthinking it since I really don’t want any of the girls to be the one. On a side note, when Momo got punched, I really thought she might have had some ribs broken. Glad not. Anyways, I hope we get an episode to Goe and Hatsume!

    Liked by 2 people

  13. LuzeriP says:

    I laughed at nude sleepover. I use that term a lot, if you know what I mean. Yup definitely a couple. This is Namori we’re talking about. And what’s with that small bite of cinnamon, have a big bite and get in there.

    Yuki seems to be stalking Momo every where. I need to see how she did that. Like the one when she’s hiding in the closet. And she was watching Momo sleep. Yuki may have a poker face but she can’t hide her love for Momo.

    Liked by 2 people

  14. Nick says:

    More Spyce action this week.

    Nude sleepover had me imagining all sorts of things. Hope they had fun.

    Invisible disguises were neat, and sexy.

    The new Dolte is pretty much She-Hulk, just not as green.

    Train fight was cool. Both of those biting on the cinnamon stick was nice. Your comment on that screen cap is perfect.

    Katrina packs heat in the restaurant. Reminder not to mess with her.

    Overall some good Momo and Yuki moments. Those two are coming along nicely.

    Good stuff this week. Looking forward to more as usual.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      As LuzeriP said, this is a show Namori is involved in so the odds of them already being a couple is quite high.

      Momo was blessed as they’re spraying their bodies, if you know what I mean.

      Bargain Bin She-Hulk.

      Yes. If only more than one bite was needed because the cinnamon stick was small.

      She’s a semi-retired veteran after all.


      Liked by 1 person

  15. yurimylove says:

    “shrew businesswoman” look FTW!!!


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