Akanesasu Shoujo 2-5: Catching Up

Some neat stuff happened as the show progressed but it had a bit of a rocky followup after the premiere. I’ll do my best to get to the good stuff ASAP but I still need to explain what happened in the less entertaining Nana Arc as it’s important.

Nana meets a fortuneteller.jpg

Nana meets a fortuneteller.

Nana’s birthday was coming up. She got a message from her mom saying her dad would be home. There’s also some handsome celebrity she saw in a commercial. More on those in a bit. The first highlight was the fortuneteller who looked familiar. She gave Nana the number 696.9, an obvious Parallel World frequency. The team were transported to a world where it’s mandated by law for girls to marry once they turned 17. Basically arranged marriages. Nana met up with the gang…only to find out it was the gang of the other world. Let’s call it Poo Poo World.


Twilight Asuka explaining “Fragments”, aka Parallel Worlds.

Twilight Asuka made her return and explained to the OG World four about Fragments, aka Parallel Worlds. As I said in the first episode this show has a “Multiverse” narrative, best known in DC Comics. Long story short every decision made creates a different world that branches off from the main one. Poo Poo World came to be 10 years ago. As for why Nana got separated from the gang it’s because she was the one holding the “mystic cassette player” thingy, thus she and Poo Poo Nana merged together, forming a link between worlds (Intentional Legend of Zelda game reference). So long as that link remains intact the OG girls can return to their world at 4:44 PM.

Nana, her mom and stepdad.jpg

Nana, her mom and stepdad.

Brief rundown of the above scene. Nana loved her dad but he and mom divorced. Nana no likey stepdad very much despite his best attempts to be a good father. Poo Poo Mom and Stepdad pushing the marriage thing on her was the last straw and she snapped on them. That all changed when she found out her fiance was the celebrity from the commercial as she was swept away by his charms and gave in to the marriage thing.

This episode wasn’t good but nowhere near as infuriating as a certain someone ranted about.


Chocolate Banana.jpg

Mrs Chocolate Banana.

I skipped the cliffhanger about Nana not wanting to go back to OG World because less than 6 minutes into episode 3 she was ready to leave. The reason why may sound silly but it made sense for Nana’s plot. She’s the wannabe rebellious type after all.



Something else I skipped was T. Asuka not wanting to explain her true objective. She went into more detail this episode when our heroines found her destroying the killer twilight bunnies she called Noizies that came out of a dimensional friction. Her objective was to find kill Clutters, basically Twilight Agents, in order to lure the King of Twilight out of hiding. She believed defeating the king would restore her world that was on the brink of destruction.

Asuka and Poo Poo Asuka.jpg

Asuka and Poo Poo Asuka.

Unlike time travel stories, multiverse stories do not have the “You can’t meet the you from the past or else it’ll have dire consequences” rule. Hence why there were three Asukas in the same cafe and it’s like little more than seeing triplets.

Nana and her Stepdad make up.jpg

Nana  and Poo Poo Stepdad make up.


Going a bit fast forward here. Before the wedding Nana and Poo Poo Stepdad were able to patch things up and understand each other better. This also helped explain why it took Asuka a month of pestering for Nana to finally talk to her. Nana’s dad really liked radios and taught her to be strong and make her own decisions. Unfortunately after the divorce Nana became rebellious and somewhat bitter, especially toward radios. The talk she had with Poo Poo Stepdad helped remind her what she wanted and stood for.

It was wedding time and the OGs tried to stop the wedding but didn’t need to as Nana said “I don’t” and said it’s because that’s what she and her dad wanted her to do. She would marry one day but not via arranged marriage.

Clutter reveals himself.jpg

Clutter revealed himself.

Poo Poo Celebrity Fiance then revealed himself as the Clutter. T. Asuka faced off with the Clutter but he proved to be stronger than she thought.

Super Nana vs Clutter.jpg

Super Nana vs Clutter.

Nana’s resolve granted her the power to transform like T. Asuka does. PreCure fans and newcomers should be familiar with how this works. Something similar happened here. So Super Nana beat the Clutter but he refused to tell T. Asuka anything about the king before disintegrating. So the day was saved. Nana summed up who she was to Poo Poo Stepdad and hoped he and Poo Poo Nana would also get along better once she returned.


Mia's mom disapproving of her taste in movies.jpg

Mia’s mom doesn’t approve of her taste in movies.

Last time we could gather the Parallel World our heroines visited was hinted at by Nana’s dilemma and the Celebrity appearing on a wedding commercial for a sitcom. When it comes to Mia she’s watching a Western movie, got into it but was stopped by mom who thought it was too violent and not the sort of stuff someone like Mia should be into.

Hooded girl again.jpg

Her again.

This time our heroines were lured into another Parallel World after getting a request on their radio show from an unknown caller named “Lovey-Dovey-Asuka”. Chloe deciphered the request as frequencies and they headed towards another world. How Mia became the “Link” this time was a bit amusing.

Cowgirl Mia.jpg

Cowgirl Mia.

Let’s call this one Westworld World (Yet another intentional reference).

Westworld Asuka and Yu.jpg

Westworld Asuka flirting with Westworld Yu.

First glimpses of the Westworld versions of the OGs came in WW Asuka, a bounty hunter, flirting with WW Yu. Turns out her current bounties were wanted bank robbers WW Chloe and Nana.

Mia and the Sherriff.jpg

Mia and The Sheriff.

Also Mia found out that WW Mia applied for a Deputy position when the town Sheriff arrived to stop a gambling fight from starting. We’ll sum up Mia’s character arc right now. The reason Mia liked Westerns was because the heroes in them inspired her to want to become cool. However, because she was adorable in her youth, and still was presently, kids and people around her thought she was more suited to be enjoy “cut and girly” stuff. She went along with it on the outside but deep inside it bothered her, specifically her cool side. What she really wanted to be was a hero.

Two Yus.jpg

We unfortunately didn’t a get another triple encounter but there were indeed triplets here too.

Judge Clutter.jpg

Judge Clutter. No spoiler alert needed. Just look at her.

Like PP World WW World also had its messed up laws. In this case its corrupt judicial system and its judge deciding any and all cases through televised duels to the death. The winner/s was/were the ones who survived regardless of whether they’re innocent/right/wrong. Didn’t matter. You survived, you won. Simple as that. Basically like Westerns.

Westworld Nana and Chloe making a request.jpg

WW Nana and Chloe making a request.

Back to Asuka and Yu. They went along with WW Nana and Chloe who told them the reason they robbed banks was to help support orphaned victims of the corrupt justice system. They requested OG Asuka and Yu to help them rob another bank. They got where they were coming from but refused. Until…


Asuka's booty again.jpg

I’ll be talking about this butt again in my catch up wrap up.

The reason the OGs went along with the noble robbers was thanks to the seductive wiles of a familiar someone…

Yu-Two flirting with Asuka.jpg

Yu-Two seducing Asuka.

It’s the mystery girl who kept popping up and sending the OGs to the two recent Parallel Worlds. Quick spoiler about her, she’s not from T. Asuka’s world so we can’t refer to her as Twilight Yu…yet. For the time being I dub her Yu-Two who unsurprisingly is the exact opposite of OG Yu. OG’s a well behaved, reserved tsundere who MAY have the hots for OG Asuka deep down, hence why she goes along with her shenanigans. Yu-Two on the other hand is a wild child who makes no effort to hide her attraction to all Asukas, especially OG Asuka as seen above.

Mia apprehending everyone.jpg

Deputy Mia apprehending everyone.

Back to Mia. Remember that character arc I brought up earlier. She had that talk with the Sheriff who kinda encouraged her to become stronger when both he and WW Mom told her about WW Mia’s resolve to become a hero. Mia did her best to toughen up, going so far as apprehending the reported bank robbers despite the sheriff telling her to stay put. Obviously Mia was surprised to see the robbers being her OG and WW senpai who got into an amusing chase scene. Yu-Two of course exited stage right, because personal agenda and stuff.

Judge Clutter's unfair sentencing.jpg

Judge Clutter unfairly sentencing everyone.

The sheriff took them all in. Even WW Asuka, OG Nana and Chloe who were trying to stop the robbers.

Two Clutters.jpg

Two Clutters.

Thanks to some behind the scenes investigating T. Asuka was able to uncover the truth about the Judge and Sheriff being in cahoots. T. Asuka did her best to fight the two Clutters.

Super Mia.jpg

Super Mia.

Mia had her own personal resolve moment and was granted the power to become Super Mia (Mia Extreme). Cool tag team ass kicking ensued. The day was saved and order was restored to Westworld World.

Yu-Two busted.jpg


After the ED we saw that T. Asuka knew about the OGs getting frequencies from someone. That of course being Yu-Two, who again wasn’t from the same world as T. Asuka. We’ll have to wait and see what her main goal is.

Mia taking a bath.jpg

Mia taking a bath.

So here’s my current thoughts on the show. Episode 2 aside it’s got better. It’s still a 7/10 for the time being but that doesn’t mean it sucks. It’s fun to watch and I’m intrigued by current Best Girl Yu-Two. My other favorite character is Mia who is cute and sexy and reminds me of Takane Shijou though more adorable.

Asuka's booty again

Now to something I found interesting. While the OGs and their parallel selves do share some differences, the Asukas are the most different from one another despite sharing some common traits:

  1. Missing brother. I think PP Asuka also lost him. That or PP Asuka and WW Asuka’s families all lost their lives. I have a hunch all Kyos have gathered somewhere or combined into one.
  2. A desire to help people in need.
  3. Being goofy deep down or out in the open.
  4. DAT ASS.

So far we’ve had the Genki OG, a brooding post-apocalyptic badass, an ojou-sama and a bounty hunter who is different enough from T. Asuka. I’m intrigued to see how the Asukas will differ in both Chloe’s and Yu’s character arcs.

Also I’m crossing my fingers for an Asuka and a Yu to hook up before the show ends. Doesn’t matter which so long as it’s an Asuka and Yu. PP Asuka and Yu are scrapped though. I don’t think the show will go down an “OG Asuka Yuri harem” route.


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19 Responses to Akanesasu Shoujo 2-5: Catching Up

  1. tsubasasfamily says:

    Dat ass indeed lol. A nice trait to be able to share with one’s inter-dimensional doppelganger.

    I think I’m probably about where you are with this show. I don’t hate it but I don’t love it.

    On the cons side, Nana is annoying to me and I’m just not feeling too invested in the main plot in general at the moment. I think it’s mostly the pacing and dialogue writing I’m not a fan of.

    On the pros side, I can easily ship AsukaxYu (all of them) and reasonably hope for a kiss (or more?!) and the show is still entertaining enough in general to warrant keeping up with thanks to the mystery of it all and cute girlz.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      I’m still interested in where the show’s going and am fine with the pacing. Not great but it doesn’t always have to be really.

      Nana stopped being annoying after Poo Poo World. That or you can’t stand her at all.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Kaylee R Smerbeck says:

    Why was 2 bad according to the mystery person
    I called ep 2 Shinzo Abes wet dream

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mauron says:

    Being forced into a straight marriage at seventeen sounds terrifying on multiple levels. Hopefully Nana Nana Batman had an impact on the world.

    Serioasuka stealing food was amusing.

    We must all remember that Asuka’s radio name isn’t Lovey-Dovey-Asuka, it’s Chikuwasuka.

    In episode 5, our heroes shot the sheriff, but they did not shoot the deputy.

    OG Yu needs to channel some Sexy Yu for Chikuwasuka. I’m sure a date takes less seduction skill than a bank robbery.

    Anyway, I’m really liking this show so far, and it’s making me nostalgic for Sliders.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. LuzeriP says:

    You were right before in the first episode review that the misterious girl is another Yu. I agree, deep down OG Yu has a crush on OG Asuka. Because Yu-Two only flirting with all Asukas. And the name Lovey Dovey Asuka says it all. Also WW Yu has a crush on WW Asuka in her tsundere way.

    Glad I’m still watching the show, it got more interesting with my new best girl, Yu-Two. And all the girls are attractive too. Dat ass tho.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Platon says:

    I almost drepped the show after the second episode, but gave it one last chance and it was a good call, I enjoy the fight scenes, I don´t mind the CGI and I think they are good and enjoyable, can´t match with symphogear.

    Yu two can´thelp herself teasing any Asuka she meets, I hope OG Yu will follow her steps with OG Asuka.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. ObssesedNuker says:

    “Let’s call it Poo Poo World.”

    So what would you call it if they actually wind up in a poo world? Shit world?

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Umu. I’ve been enjoying it myself, at least, even though episodes 4-5 were obviously better and a step in the right direction, I didn’t hate episodes 2-3, despite them having less fun elements. But are all the Fragments somehow completely messed up? Seems likely, though I suppose it could be due to the influence of the Clutters…

    Yu-two is indeed amusing. And her flirting was wonderful. I like Mia too. Her character arc was fun.

    And interesting observations about the Asukas.

    Liked by 2 people

  8. MarkS00N says:

    You know, when I first watched it, I thought I was about to watch a Mahou Shoujo anime (or fantasy sci-fi anime like School Girl Strikers or Ange Vierge). But then it hit me after watching episode 5 in one late night, that this is actually a Tokusatsu anime. The hint was there in the girls armor design (which covering their face, unlike Mahou Shoujo anime) and Nana’s fight in episode 3, but Nana’s combat is very rough on the edge and end with beam so I didn’t realize it.

    Only when episode 5 arrive with Mia being an absolutely hard boiled Kamen Rider, complete with Rider Kick, that I realize this is a Tokusatsu anime. Nana’s transformation which seems to be generic, now look pretty similar to Mighty Morphin Power Ranger transformation pose.

    Not only our main characters, the enemies are also showing its Tokusatsu root by being villain of the week variety. They are “regular” human transformed in to monster, and when they appear, the lesser monster (or mobs) also appear along side it. The MCs then have to clear these mobs first, before attacking the villain of the week. The WW world doesn’t show it, but T.Asuka mentioned she have cleared the noize before confronting Judge Clutter.

    I don’t think we ever get an all girl Tokusatsu, let alone in anime format (the closest one I think is Action Heroine Cheer Fruit, but they are not in-universe Tokusatsu, only acting in Tokusatsu show), so this realization + the increasing amount of yuri (and the much better combat animation in episode 5) make this show shoot up in to my top 3 anime of this season along with YagaKimi and Release the Spyce (sorry Zombieland Saga, you have to be demoted to 4th place for now).

    Also, I ship Asuka with T.Asuka first (I don’t think we have many self-cest yuri, so it will be a wasted opportunity if I miss it), and Yuu x Asuka second, but I think every radio club members have ship potential with Asuka (Nana and Asuka embracing one another if episode 3, Asuka being the first person to acknowledge Mia’s desire to be hero in episode 5, and I suspect we will get more scenes like these with Chloe and Yuu).

    Finally, just a quick mention, depend on what next arc is going to be about, I like how the anime seems to show what society expectation toward women is, and then avert it. Nana is about how society expect girl to get married once they are “adult”, but she then reject it. Mia is about how society expect girl to be “cute” instead of “cool”, but Mia then choose the “cool” path.

    Ugh, I can’t wait for next episode!

    Liked by 4 people

  9. Mike says:

    5 episodes in and I still can’t decide if I like it or not. It definitely has its moments but overall I don’t think it’s all that interesting. At this point it’s the cute characters and possibility of yuri that keeps me going. Also I can’t shake the feeling this is just a persona rip off.


  10. Giack31 says:

    I was already watching this because I was interested in the plot but discovering that there might be potential for yuri made me really happy.
    I think that since the other Yu is just another version of the original Yu she also likes Asuka but keeps it hidden. I hope that the next world will be Yu’s world and will be about her coming to term with her feelings for Asuka. I know this is just wishful thinking but it could happen.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Liddo-kun says:

    Surprised and pleased by this show. Enjoyed the cowboy time zone, Mia was badass when she beat the evil sherrif.

    Glad to see that the orphans will at least not go hungry anymore.


  12. yurimylove says:

    moral of the story, duels don’t determine who’s right, only who’s left.


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