Anima Yell! Episode 1: Becoming a Chairleader

I originally planned on talking about this show and Himote House but the latter looks like a show not many will be interested in so I’ll just talk about the cheerleaders.

Cool cheerleaders.jpg

Cool cheerleaders.


We start the episode with our leading pinky Kohane checking out a cool cheerleader exhibition and she was enthralled by one blue haired girl in particular.



Here’s our adorable future star chairleader Kohane who clearly had a lot of work to do but was determined to give it her all.

Uki embarrassed.jpg

I ship them already.

Kohane was excited to join the Chairleader Club but was deflated after finding out there wasn’t one. Fortunately seeing a certain someone at the entrance ceremony gave her the idea of starting one herself. She instantly hoped Uki would join but even sweet talking her into doing so wasn’t enough. Next episode most likely.

Uki Cheerleader simulation.jpg

She would look good as a sexy chairleader.

Kohane kept trying her luck with convincing Uki and almost got hurt falling down the stairs but was fortunately saved by a blue haired angel.

Hizume Cheerleader.jpg

Arima Before.

Hizume Arima.jpg

Arima currently.

Said angel was Arima Hizume. The chairleader Kohane was enthralled by that one day. Unfortunately she seemed to have lost her smile.

Kohane's introduction

Kohane’s attempted class introduction.

This is going to be a fun show for sure.

Kohane…pretty much chased after Arima to try and get her to join the club but to no avail. At one point Arima was less convinced when Kohane revealed she had a fear of heights. Even so Kohane explained that she wanted to become a cheerleader for three reasons:

  1. She loved helping people and chairleaders brought happiness to everyone who saw them (Unless they’re the Dallas Cowboys chairleaders. Those provide raging ring boners).
  2. To overcome her fear of heights.
  3. Because seeing Arima inspired her.
Arima getting a bad chill.jpg

Arima getting a bad chill.

Kohane showered her with praise and was about to consider it but when she said Arima was special it brought up a terrible past experience, causing her to unfairly lash out at Kohane…or an attempt to do so. Point being Kohane unknowingly struck a nerve and Arima got mad at her.

Kohane's cheer dance.jpg

Kohane’s “cheering” was more suited for Bon Festivals.

Arima felt bad for what she did and thought it was for the best because it meant Kohane would stay away from a meanie like her. Arima didn’t know who she was dealing with…Kohane’s main character powers were on a whole other level.

Kohane trying to overcome her fear.jpg

Kohane trying to overcome her fear.

Kohane still wanted to get on Arima’s good graces and figured the first step was “getting gud” at chairleading.

Arima being abandoned.jpg

Arima being abandoned.

Arima felt more conflicted than before and as she passed by groups working together she remembered that tragic day when her teammates turned their backs on her because she refused to “drop down to their level” of chairleading. Arima was a chairleading beast who got ostracized by scrubs who didn’t want to “git gud”.

Kohane cheering on Arima.jpg

Kohane cheering on Arima.

After the scolding from the day prior Uki revealed she knew about what happened to Arima. With this info Kohane pulled a dangerous stunt in one last ditch effort to convince Arima that her devotion to chairleading and to support her were the real deal.

Arima crushing Kohane.jpg


Kohane tackle.jpg

But in the end accepted her invitation.

Next time Kohane will try again to get Uki to join the club.

Like I said above this will be a good, fun watch. Not a mind-blowing premiere but it doesn’t always have to be in order to be enjoyable. Looking forward to more.


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19 Responses to Anima Yell! Episode 1: Becoming a Chairleader

  1. x says:

    It’s been a long time since I seen a cheerleader anime since the 80 or 90s version If it.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Platon says:

    This show made me laugh from my heart, that doesn’t happen to often, so there is the first plus and it’s a good start of the new week, UK starts week on sunday. Happy to continue watching.

    For our ladies, blondie loves airhead, airhead loves ultimate chairleader and probably even blondie, but because she is an airhead, she probably doesn’t have a clue.

    Can’t wait for another character.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. cirno9fan says:

    So much fun! The pace and everything just had a “cheerleading” feel to it. Fast, rhythmic, and full of energy!

    This definitely looks like it will be the uplifter of the season~

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Mauron says:

    What’s wrong with that school, not having a chairleading club?

    Kohane barging into Uki’s room (and house) was amusing. At first I thought Uki was going to be her older sister, but I didn’t realize how bizarre Kohane was.

    I got a lot of laughs from our chairleading friends, and look forward to more.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. So airing on practically the same day, we have Hana and her distant cousin twice-removed Kohane (checklist: Hair in the red spectrum, cheerleader motif, genki, always trying to be there for others, trying to overcome their own insecurities to get better at what they want to do, both central characters with the word “Yell” attached to them/around them, potential ship with blue-haired girl)

    Uki seems like a classic “there for you, but actually a tsundere about what she really wants to do/about getting any closer to the person she hangs out with”, so she’ll probably indeed join pretty fast. The other two in the OP and such, and hinted at in the episode seem to “the shy girl” and “the totally obvious stalker”. I wonder how those two will join?

    But this was a nice and fluffy start to the show, and I’ll definitely keep watching, even if cheerleading is something I’m not all that familiar with/interested about as such. But maybe I’ll learn (some few, random things) through the show!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Giack31 says:

    We shall not take about Himote House. That one was one of the most boring and unfunny thing I have seen in a long time

    As for Anima Yell I like the art style but the plot is SO generic. I won’t watch it but I will continue to read these to see if something interesting happens.


    • Little Viktoria says:

      I was actually so excited about that anime starting with ‘H’ that we shall not talk about, since the three classmates looked so cute and fluffy in the promo picture.

      Then I watched ten seconds and put it away. Talk about wasting good character designs.

      I agree, Anima Yell didn’t make a very strong impact compared to the many other fantastic shows this season. Might still watch it here and there and see if it takes off. You never know when the rare anime pulls a kiss scene. HINT, anime producers (who won’t read this) ^^

      Liked by 1 person

  7. FantasyGirlKanna says:

    Don’t know much about chairleading but seeing how fun the first episode was I think I’ll enjoy it πŸ˜€ Plus no signs of a guy coach πŸ˜€ I like that falling down the stairs scene…Kohane was falling…and Arima was the one who caught her instead of the Uki.

    Anyway, still no ships for me yet. And since Kohane’s a novice I’m guessing(…but really hoping) she’ll have a lot of “accidents” from practicing stunts, the kind that Fuu and Momo had from that bumpy car chase ride ;P I wonder how Kohane will be able to make Uki say “Yes” to her proposal…of joining her in her journey towards a new adventure in her life which is called Chairleading πŸ˜€ So excited for next week.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. LuzeriP says:

    This show was so fun. And Kohane is going to be one of my favorite MC this season. Uki definitely has a crush on Kohane. Also, I might be too soon but I’m down for OT3 right now. Looking forward to see the rest of the gaygirls chairleaders.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. chikorita157 says:

    I have to admit that this is a fun start. Konane kind of have a similar personality as Hana since she is cheerful. Still, I wonder how she will do cheerleading properly given that she is afraid of heights.

    Still, it’s understandable why Arima decided to quit from her bad experience of her members bullying her out. Now that she in a new school, I highly doubt there will be members that will be jealous of her, especially Kohane supporting her.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Yet another lovable anime to look forward to. With all these cheerleading, there is bound to have yuri in it.

    Liked by 2 people

  11. Nick says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever watched an anime about cheerleading, so this is a first for me.

    Fun first ep I gotta say, nothing mind blowing or anything but it was a fun watch. As usual the drama isn’t too over the top, pretty standard for a show like this. Was nice to see them resolve it in ep 1 instead of dragging it out for half of the show. That’s the kinda drama I don’t like as it just feels like it’s slogging along.

    Anyways, cute girls doing cheerleading is gonna be fun and a little different than the usual sports show. Should be good!


  12. yurimylove says:

    oh noes! This cannot be unseen now, my mental image of cheerleaders has forever changed from sexy chicks to adorable moeblobs πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

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