Aikatsu Friends! Episode 22: The Moon Twins

At last I get to go into more detail on The Moon Twins Sakuya and Kaguya Shirayuri so join me, won’t you?

Sakuya and Kaguya at home.jpg

Sakuya and KAguya at home.

To start things off let’s briefly go over the twins as characters. The Moon Twins, obviously, are the “Goth Idols” of the show. They’re aliens who came from the dark side of the moon, hence the Moon Twins nickname I temporarily bestowed upon them. They’re also fortunetellers who call upon the powers of the moon. That’s where the similarities end.

Sakuya's fortunetelling.jpg

Sakuya’s fortunetelling.

Sakuya the older twin is a gentle soft spoken girl who appears to be both anemic and narcoleptic. Before meeting Aine and Mio in episode 17 she was socially inept but thanks to their support was able to overcome it and as seen in this episode slowly become more accustomed to social gatherings. Her fortunetelling style involves mystic dice and an encyclopedia full of fortunes.

Kaguya's fortunetelling.jpg

Kaguya’s fortunetelling.

Kaguya the younger twin is like an ojou-sama with a much more formal manner of speaking than her beloved onee-sama. Unlike Sakuya Kaguya has an easier time around people but is more socially awkward around crowds, mainly because she gets mistaken for her onee-sama a lot, which is exactly what she wants. She uses the traditional crystal ball method of fortunetelling.

Now let’s continue with the episode. It began with the twins talking about a meet and greet Sakuya was scheduled for. She asked the moon for advice and was told that Kaguya would bring her great fortune. It was unclear as to how but Sakuya was elated. The next day Kaguya helped run her fortunetelling stand in her place while Sakuya was at the meet and greet.

Mio nervous about her fortune.jpg

Mio nervous about her fortune.

Her first customers were Aine and Mio. Mio ran into “Sakuya” again in episode 19 and thought it was strange she used a crystal ball instead of the mystic dice. Mio was the one who wanted her fortune read and was nervous. She wanted to know how strong her compatibility was with Aine as Friends. Basically she wanted to know about her future as Aine’s girlfriend. Despite it being a bit bumpy “Sakuya” was able to read their fortune and assured them their future as a couple was uncertain but optimistic so long as they kept fighting for their love.

Sakuya fell into a deep sleep.jpg

Sakuya fast asleep.

At the meet and greet Sakuya held her own but was quite tired during the break and feel into a deep sleep. Unfortunately for her the second half of the event was minutes away.

Kaguya standing in for Sakuya again.jpg

Kaguya standing in for Sakuya again.

Not wanting her onee-sama to get into trouble Kaguya once again stood in for her. She had to sing Sakuya’s single. She was quite nervous but she sang for her sister’s honor. While we didn’t get to hear her sing yet (The show skipped the song) the crowd loved her performance. Obviously some were able to tell there was something different about the performance.

Aine uncovering the ruse.jpg

Aine uncovering the ruse.

Aine could tell right away that the girl on stage wasn’t Sakuya leaving Kaguya no other choice but to reveal her true identity.

Kaguya surprised by Sakuya's request

Kaguya surprised by Sakuya’s request.

Naturally the reveal caused a stir at the event but Sakuya’s manager was able to calm things down with the organizers. Later that night Sakuya was very impressed by Kaguya’s performance and asked if she would become her Friends partner but she refused, preferring to continue supporting her beloved onee-sama behind the scenes. She didn’t deem herself worthy of sharing the spotlight with her.

Mio surprised by Aine's words.jpg

It was quick but Mio was surprised by Aine’s words.


Sakuya, still believing Kaguya had great potential went to Aine and Mio for advice, asking how they became a Friends unit. Aine summarized her story and added the cherry on top by saying that it was thanks to Mio being there for her from day 1 that she got as far as she did. Take a wild guess how Mio reacted.

Sakuya and Kaguya, Twin Friends.jpg

Sakuya and Kaguya, twin Friends.

Later Sakuya tried again but again Kaguya refused. She insisted that she wasn’t worthy of sharing the spotlight but Sakuya said that she hadn’t yet reached her full potential and strongly believed she could only do so with Kaguya by her side in the spotlight. Kaguya, unable to refuse her beloved onee-sama’s passion, finally accepted. Thus the two became twin Friends.

Sakuya performing.jpg

Sakuya’s single is pretty good. I can only imagine how awesome the twins’ duet will be.

Sakuya and Kaguya announcing themselves as Friends.jpg

Sakuya introduced Kaguya as her Friends partner.

Immediately after the performance Sakuya introduced Kaguya as her Friends partner and announced their unit name, Reflect Moon.

Reflect Moon.jpg

Reflect Moon.

Looking forward to their debut performance. Great stuff as usual from this show. Hopefully we won’t have to wait long for said debut as the next episode will again center around Honey Cat which I have no problem with whatsoever. Besides Reflect Moon’s formation the other obvious highlight was the fortunetelling scene and her brief reaction to Aine’s words. Her love for Aine continues to grow.


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2 Responses to Aikatsu Friends! Episode 22: The Moon Twins

  1. Rory says:

    Reflect Moon a great addition to the already existing Friends units. Sakuya and Kaguya had good introductions, and I already like them quite a lot. They formed a Friends unit together, and we know what that means.
    Some nice Pure Palette moments in this episode as well, particularly that fortune-telling scene.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      As you said in your post their bond isn’t as strong as the Hype Twins’ but they’re still great together as adorable twins for the time being.

      Mio wants Aine so badly it’s adorable. All of us are sure Aine’s just waiting for Mio to make a proper confession.

      Liked by 1 person

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