Hugtto! PreCure Episode 24: Moonlight Swim

Yes newcomers. Even Pretty Cure has swimsuit episodes. It is a tradition even youngsters can enjoy.

Hana's Night Pool Hype.jpg

Hana hyping up the Night Pool.

We kicked things off with the Hana getting super pumped after seeing a poster for the Night Pool. Her simulation ran wild with how much fun it would be.

Hana's jaw dropped.jpg

I do so enjoy genki PreCure protagonists. They often have the best facial expressions and reactions.

Hana’s disapproval convinced the association president to ask the gang for a “young’un’s help” to spruce up the party. Hana happily accepted and they made a quick trip to Hugman General Store to get the supplies.

The Cures talking about Hana.jpg

The Rangers talking about how motivational Hana is.

Back at the pool the Rangers talked about how motivational Hana is being able to bounce back from what happened last time. We’ll get back to that later.


Customer Specialist Bishin.

Before we got to the Night Pool party we briefly joined the Dark Corporation going over their New System. We already know President Kurai, Gelos and Reestor (that guy with the fake president hologram). We got a better look at the Destroyer who was appointed Customer Specialist, Bishin. Lastly was the guy whose name I thought was spelled Trauma but is actually “Traum”…I’ll stick with Dr Trauma as it sounds more menacing.

Hugtto! PreCure Swimsuits.jpg

I suppose Ruru, Saaya and Homare had the best swimsuit bodies for girls their age.

The Power Rangers of this season are attractive for their age but none of the top three are drool worthy. Not even Homare who looks pretty good in her ice skating attire. Do not fret fans of mine who enjoy it when I go  crazy over hot anime babes in bikinis. However, there were some who fulfilled my needs.

Pupple and Charaleet at the party..jpg

I would appreciate it if someone could find a full body shot of Pupple in her bikini.

PreCure Pupple Bikini.jpg

Thank you to the kind soul who mailed me this.

Yup. It’s Pupple in all her mature glory. Both Charaleet and were also at the party along with other people the Rangers have helped such as the yuri side-couple and that one teacher I honestly forgot about. Anyway the Rangers were rightfully ware of their former enemies but they assured them they were reformed and no longer wanted to fight them.

Hana's family at the party.jpg

Hana’s family at the party.

The second hottie, of course, was Hana’s mom but she didn’t feel like blessing the world with all her glory. Still a lovely woman.

Hana still shaken up.jpg

Hana still shaken up.

Let’s finally get back to Hana. Little did her friends know that she hadn’t fully recovered from President Kurai’s betrayal. In fact she’s still very much shaken up about it but still does her best to stay positive. Her mom, ever vigilant, noticed something was wrong with her baby girl.

Gelos and her lackeys.jpg

Gelos and her lackeys.

Of course the third hottie was Gelos who preferred teasing me by not showing all her glory. She’s a heel so it kinda made sense. Anyway she caused trouble by spreading negative energy. The darkness was too much for Hana who was still shaky.

Emiru and Ruru's concert.jpg

EmiRuru’s surprise concert.

Luckily for her our resident gay heroines had other plans. They surprised everyone with a performance so awesome it brought tears to Rory‘s eyes. They were like “Oh no you don’t. We’re gay gays. We have a gaytastic song to sing and no amount of dark energy is gonna to stop us from rocking everyone’s hearts out!”. That was enough to bring Hana back to her senses.

Update: cirno9fan brought up a good point. This is indeed a similar story to when Uzuki “lost her smile” in Idolm@ster: Cinderella Girls. Hopefully it’ll have a similar resolution. For those who saw Cinderella Girls you know what I’m talking about. Also as cirno9fan said there’s one Ranger who hasn’t got the spotlight on her in a while.

You know what came next. “IT’S MORPHIN’ TIME!”

Ma Cherie PopAmour Rock n' Roll

I think this the first time we got to see Cure Amour and Ma Cherie’s special attacks in “Amour Rock N’ Roll” and “Ma Cherie Pop” respectively. Both were pretty cool. The main three Rangers used the combined light energy from the gay performance to unleash the Cure Kaioken again and the lovebirds took down the MOTW off with their finisher.

Pupple's offer.jpg

Pupple has a special offer for EmiRuru.

After the day was once again saved Pupple and Charaleet made a special offer to EmiRuru. They started a talent agency called “Positive Tomorrow Productions” and wanted our lovebirds to be their first clients.

Daigan reformed

Daigan reformed.

Oh, and as I suspected Daigan, the man who holds the world record for “Quickest PreCure Villain Lieutenant/General elimination”, is also alive and reformed and presumably working together with Pupple and Charaleet. Saaya was relieved he didn’t die.

Good episode overall. Highlights were EmiRuru, as always, the continuation of Hana’s battle with the darkness and Pupple’s bikini.

Next time is something I knew was being hinted at several times throughout the show but didn’t feel like mentioning, the Homare X Harry ship. We’ll probably learn the truth about Harry and his probable connection to the Dark Connection. As for the ship teasing, I don’t have issues with it. When the season was announced I and other PreCure yuri fans thought Harry would get in the way. Luckily we were gifted with EmiRuru and a side-couple who occasionally show up. I personally would like to see the writers explore a certain other hinted ship but for now let the het shippers have their fun.

PS: I’m 100% certain the people over at Overwatch were inspired by this season of PreCure, if you know what I mean.

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9 Responses to Hugtto! PreCure Episode 24: Moonlight Swim

  1. cirno9fan says:

    I don’t play overwatch, so I have no clue XD

    lots of cute girls in swimsuits! was a great time~
    Even if you only enjoyed Pupple, that’s fine, I’m sure I’m not the only one who was happy for this episode 😀
    Moving on, freaking yes. EmiRuu are just way too amazing. They took the wind right out of Jelly’s sails in a few seconds. And they taught Hana something suuuuuper important: Smiles don’t have to only be protected, they can be made. I have a strong feeling this will be a huge cornerstone for how they deal with the corp when it gets ever more serious.
    I was moved to tears as well, but I get emotional all the time in anime, so that’s less of a thing than it happening to Rory XD

    Finally, I love how they’re handling Hana. I love how they’re handling everything really. She’s just been a really amazingly well done case of what the girl in CG went through. People are noticing though, and not being blind to the fact that Hana has been breaking.

    I also just really like how seriously they’re taking the sort of trauma that could happen with this situation.

    I’m fine with HomareHarry, just give us some SaayaHana already 😦 Saaya stuff in general would be nice. I’m sure it’s coming, but must get through the Homare stuff first.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      It’s a new character they recently introduced.

      I like my meat big or at least curvy like Narumi.

      Yeah. Let HomaHarry do their thing.

      Very good point you made. Updated the post. Hana’s story is similar to when Uzuki “lost her smile”. Speaking of Uzuki, you brought up Saaya and her lack of time in the spotlight recently. You know what I’m about to say, don’t you?


  2. A Rocking good time.

    Imagine EmiRuru doing the Guitar solo from the Overture of Jesus Christ Superstar.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. “You thought you could interrupt our wonderful, amazing gay concert, MotW? Think again!”

    Aaah, that was wonderful to see. So much wonderfulness. …And I also agree, Pupple was actually very…impressive, there.

    I’m still curious about Bishin, but I suspect we’ll have to wait until things get really serious until we get to see Bishin in action much at all…

    I also like how they’re handling Hana’s trauma…when you’ve been hurt badly, no matter how positive of a person you are, those feelings don’t just up and vanish that quickly, and especially before they’ve been dealth with properly first.

    I guess we’ll see what the next episode brings…personally not that bothered if there is Homare x Harry stuff there too much. I am sort of curious about Harry’s “secret”/past, anyways, already.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      EmiRuru wanted to bring love and joy to the world and nothing would stop them. Such sweet girlfriends and great superheroines.

      Embrace Pupple’s sexiness.

      We’ll see more Bishin when Bishin’s assigned MotW duty.

      Hopefully the show will go where cirno9fan and I hope it will when it comes to Hana.

      The next episode will be mildly interesting.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Wanderer says:

    Emiru and Lulu refusing to let some monstrosity interrupt their concert, driving away the darkness with the power of song, was freaking awesome.

    How many unique songs did the creators of this season write for the two of them? It’s almost unprecedented even for singer characters to have more than one or two. Each song costs money, after all.

    Hana’s situation is really evocative, especially if you think of it in terms of every bit of her cheerfulness since that event has been a facade she’s been putting up to keep her friends from worrying, and to raise the morale of the group.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Giack31 says:

    Pretty good episode.
    I’m really looking forward to see what’s going to happen to Hana.
    Looks like we’ll finally see Harry’s past in the next episode.

    Liked by 1 person

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